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How to Create Posters?

Creating a poster can seem like a daunting task!  But here you will find many basic starter tips and guidelines for creating the perfect poster.  You will also find sample posters.  These links are from a wide variety of sources, so you will want to keep your specific course poster requirements in mind and adapt your poster accordingly. 

Better Posters - (blog, updated weekly) - Academics use posters to present research, but their posters are often ugly, with tiny text, confusing layouts, and dubious colour schemes. Better Posters is about making posters informative and beautiful.

How to Prepare A Proper Scientific Poster Presentation (American Chemical Society)

MSU's Poster Presentation Resources - lots of help here! 

Creating Effective Poster Presentations  - (North Carolina State University)  provides instructions for step-by-step development of effective posters and offers great examples of posters done for research. The authors address planning and development, software options, formatting and layout. In addition, poor poster techniques are discussed.

Designing Conference Posters  - (Colin  - you may attend a conference someday, and this will help!

Expanded Guidelines for Giving a Poster Session  (American Society of Primatologists)

How to Make A Great Poster  (American Society of Plant Biologists) provides suggestions regarding layout, formatting, and color selection

Poster Presentations - Designing Effective Posters  (University of Buffalo, SUNY)

Scientific Literature and Writing - Poster Sessions  (Eastern Kentucky University) 

Writing Guide: Poster Sessions (Colorado State University)  step-by-step instructions and guidance along with examples and additional resources

MSU Libraries Hollander MakeCentral   - We can HELP with designing and plotting your poster!  

Creating Posters with PowerPoint

Poster Templates

What software do I use to make a poster?

Powerpoint is one of the most common options for making posters. We have added some samples to this FAQ for your convenience.

Created in PowerPoint, these templates are an easy way to make a poster. Each template is a single slide enlarged to poster size, either left blank for your content or with sample text boxes and charts into which you can insert information. Feel free to alter as desired.

To open a template in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, right-click your mouse button on the appropriate link below, select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As," and choose where you would like to save the PowerPoint presentation. Then, open FOr PowerPoint and open the file you just saved. 

Or, you can create your own poster template:

1)   Open PowerPoint
2)   Go to Design
3)   Click on Page Setup
4)   From the drop-down list 'Slides sized for", select Custon (the last option on the list)
5)   For a standard 3' x 4' poster, type in Wiedgth 48" and Height 36"
6)   Click OK. 
7)   Click on Home.
8)   Click on Layout.
9)   Select a "Blank"
10)  Insert images, text boxes and the like using the Drawing set of options.  

Note:  The MSU Libraries Plotter is available for poster creation.    See the Plotter FAQ page.       

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