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History of the Family Around the World: Finding Assistance in the M.S.U. Libraries

This is a guide to researching the history of the family around the world using reference works, bibliographies, periodical indexes, and primary sources.

Finding Assistance in the M.S.U. Libraries

The following librarians are responsible for these areas of the world and subjects:

History (U.K. and Ireland), Medieval and Renaissance/early modern studies (Western Europe) and France: Agnes Haigh Widder
History (General History, U.S. History) Michael Rodriguez

Canada: Cen Cheng
Classical Studies, Amanda Tickner
Women and Gender Studies, LGBT Studies: Sharon Ladenson
Sociology: Carin Graves
Special Collections: Peter Berg and Randy Scott
Ethnic Studies (including Asian American, African American, and Native American Studies): Erik Ponder

Chicano(a)/Latina and Boricua Studies: Andrea Salazar
Africa: Jessica Achberger and Erik Ponder
Asia (including China, India, Korea, Japan): Xian Wu

Asia (South and Southeast): Zoe McLaughlin
Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands: Xian Wu

Europe in General: Mary Jo Zeter
Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Russia, Central Asia: Terri Miller
Germanic Studies and Scandinavia:  Anita Ezzo
Italy, Greece, Mexico, Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean: Mary Jo Zeter

Middle East and North Africa: Deborah Margolis

Help is also available at the Main Library Reference Desk , or you can ask a librarian online through e-mail, chat, or instant messaging services.

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