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History of the Family Around the World: Finding Assistance in the M.S.U. Libraries

Finding Assistance in the M.S.U. Libraries

The following librarians are responsible for these areas of the world and subjects:

History (U.K. and Ireland), Medieval and Renaissance/early modern studies (Western Europe) and France: Agnes Haigh Widder
History (General History, U.S. History)

Canada: Cen Cheng
Classical Studies, Jon Harrison
Women and Gender Studies, LGBT Studies: Sharon Ladenson
Sociology: Carin Graves
Special Collections: Peter Berg and Randy Scott
Ethnic Studies (including Asian American, African American, and Native American Studies): Jon Harrison

Chicano(a)/Latina and Boricua Studies: Diana Rivera
Africa: Jessica Achberger
Asia (including China, India, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia): Xian Wu
Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands: Xian Wu

Europe in General: Mary Jo Zeter
Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Russia, Central Asia: Terri Miller
Germanic Studies and Scandinavia:  Anita Ezzo
Italy, Greece, Mexico, Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean: Mary Jo Zeter

Middle East: Deborah Margolis

Help is also available at the Main Library Reference Desk , or you can ask a librarian online through e-mail, chat, or instant messaging services.

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