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International Governmental Organizations (IGOs): Guide by Organization: International Labour Organization (ILO)

Last updated: 08-13-2008

International Labour Organization (ILO)

International Labour Organization (ILO)

Labordoc is the ILO library's catalog, and contains over 350,000 references to books and journal articles on labor and employment from all over the world. An ever increasing number of these citations now contain links to online publications as well.

International Labour Documentation. (Main Library HD4811 .I5) Monthly index to new ILO publications, journal articles, reports, and documents.

Official Bulletin. (Main HD4811 .I57 Ser. A)

Governing Body materials are available online, going back to 1996.

Reports of the Director-General. (Main HD7804 .I68; also online back to 1999)

Record of Proceedings. (Main HD4813 .I465)

ILOLEX: ILO database containing ILO Conventions and Recommendations, ratification information, comments of the Committee of Experts and the Committee on Freedom of Association, representations, complaints, interpretations, General Surveys, and numerous related documents.

Legislative Series: General Subject Index 1919-88. (Main HD7809 .I7 Index 1919-88)

International Labour Conventions and Recommendations, 1919-1991 (Business K1703 .I57 1992; full texts and ratification information are also available online)

International Labour Review. (HD4811 .I65, 1921-present, also available online)

World of Work: The Magazine of the ILO. (Older issues in Main HD7801 .W6; also available online)

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