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International Governmental Organizations (IGOs): Guide by Organization: International Monetary Fund

Last updated: 08-13-2008

International Monetary Fund

International Monetary Fund

Publications Catalog. (Gov. Docs. Ref, 1 East, IMF P976; also available online)

IMF Survey. (Int'l Docs 3 West HG3881 .I6197; also available online back to 1996)
Biweekly that reports on the IMF's activities, including all press releases, communiques and major speeches. It is indexed annually.

Annual Report of the Executive Board. 1978- (Int'l Docs 3 West HG3881 .I634; earlier at IMF A615y; 1996 and later are also online)
Reviews the activities and policies of the IMF, as well as providing an overview of the world's economy. The overview emphasizes balance of payments, exchange rates, world trade, and developments in the international monetary system. The appendices include press communiques issued by the Interim Committee and the Development Committee and the texts of principal policy decisions made by the Executive Board.

Summary Proceedings. 1947-(Int'l. Docs 3 West HG3881 .I55)
A record of the IMF's Annual Meeting including statements relating to the Fund's work, resolutions, reports, recommendations, communiques and other documents relating to the meetings. Some are available on the IMF's website.

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