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Witchcraft in Early Modern England: MSU Libraries' Online Catalog

Last updated: 09-02-2009

MSU Libraries' Online Catalog

The online catalog contains the holdings of the M.S.U. Libraries and is particularly used to find books. Search by keyword (words that might be found in the book title), L.C. subject heading, title, or author. The Library of Congress' List of Subject Headings Reference Z 695 .Z8 L524 ed. 30 2007 v. 1-5, contains the official L.C. subject headings. Subject headings are standardized words and phrases assigned to each book based upon catalogers' examination of the books' contents.

Another method:  do a keyword search using words you hope to find in book titles.  In your search results, for books that look particularly useful to you, notice their subject headings found near the bottom of the catalog records.  Click on those subject headings to find more books on that/those topics.

These are good L.C. subject headings:
witchcraft and sex
witchcraft in art
witchcraft in literature
witches in literature
witches in motion pictures
trials (witchcraft).

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