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Collection Development Policy Statement: Public Health: Analysis of the Subject Field

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the Subject
No restrictions, although the emphasis is on current theories and research.

B. Languages of Resources Collected
Most materials are acquired in English.

C. Geography of the Subject
The geographical emphasis is primarily North American, but European, African, Latin American and other areas are covered when they are important to a particular subject.

D. Format of the Resources Collected
As the program is currently an online one, the primary emphasis is on electronic resources whenever available.  All appropriate formats, including print, electronic, microforms, are collected. Some types of publications such as textbooks, reprints, dissertations, non-print materials (videotapes, slides, films, sound and recordings) are generally not purchased unless requested or needed for particular procedures.

E. Date of Publication of Resources Collected
Emphasis is on current publications at present.

F. Data Resources

The Program in Public Health is a heavy utilizer of data and statistics. Public Health as a discipline incoporates data and statistics into its core research and practice methodologies.  Health data can be hard to access as it is often covered under HIPAA.

Virtually all open data in the field is generated both by Govermental and Non Govermental Organizations, and as a result these data sets are usually freely available to researchers and students. Currently the Program in Public Health wants students to engage directly with the original creators of Public Health data as well as the original data and statistical sets.  As a result vendors that repackage statistics from the organizations are not of value or use and should not be purchased.

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