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Political Science / Public Policy Resources: Academic Integrity/Plagiarism

When to Cite

Screenshot, Plagiarism video

Click above for a video on differentiating between your own knowledge, common knowledge, and an original work which needs proper citation.

Plagiarism Examples

  • Verbatim copying without using quotation marks
  • Paraphrasing or summarizing other works without using in-text or reference list citations to attribute the paraphrased material to the original author
  • Quoting and paraphrasing a large portion of others' works without adding critical analysis; no new contribution to knowledge
  • Making errors in the reference citations so that the original source of information cannot be checked
  • Using fictitious references so that your project appears to be well-researched

Be aware

MSU Plagiarism Policies from the MSU Office of the Ombudsman.

 iThenticate at MSU: The iThenticate service helps evaluate research and grant writing by faculty, staff, and graduate students. iThenticate scans drafts of research articles and grant proposals for missed citations and other mistakes that could be characterized as plagiarism prior to submission or publication. Contact the Library's Distance Learning Services for more information.

Additional resources

Vaughn Library (Acadia University) - Plagiarism Tutorial  -  Fun and interactive tutorial from Acadia University.
Purdue OWL - Avoiding Plagiarism -  Text-based tutorial from Purdue University's Online Writing Lab.

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