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African Activist Archive at MSU Libraries: Selected Sound Recordings - Spoken

A description with links to MSU Libraries holdings of the African Activist Archive

Spoken (Vincent Voice Library - 4 West - Main Library)

Afrique, une histoire sonore : 1960-2000. 2002. 7 sound discs. Commentary by Elikia M'Bokolo and Philippe Sainteny. Originally broadcast between January 30, 1944 and July 12, 2000. A collection of historical radio broadcasts concerning the history of Francophone Africa; with commentary and some music. D10 Audiodisc
All that glitters : the trail of the Krugerrand. Los Angeles : Pacifica Tape Library, 1979. 1 sound cassette (47 min.) : 1 7/8 ips, mono. SUMMARY The Krugerrand is a one-ounce gold coin from South Africa. The program takes a look at the marketing of this coin in the U.S. as well as the political and social context of the production of the coin. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE C251 Cassette Amin, Idi, [Collected speeches of Idi Amin] 2 electronic audio files :digital. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE VVL-01-0077 ELECTRONIC

Angolan Crisis Conference (1976 : East Lansing, Mich.) [Angola at MSU] 4 sound cassettes + 1 poster. Recorded on the campus of Michigan State University, January 29- 30, 1976. East Lansing Mayor George Griffiths, Michigan State Representative Jackie Vaughn, Tony Parham, Tim Butz and questions and answers from the floor -- Professor John Masterson, Christine Root, and Larry Redd -- Professor Gerald Bender -- Introduction to workshops and questions to Professor Bender. VINCENT VOICE LIB, C183 Cassette

Baitz, Jon Robin, A fair country. 1998. 1 sound cassette (95 min.). SUMMARY A well-meaning American diplomat in South Africa tries to pacify his ferociously combative wife and anti-apartheid activist son by being reassigned to The Hague but peace is hard to come by and a harrowing betrayal is revealed." AVC383 Audiocassette

BBC sound effects library. Includes: Disc 29. Africa, the human world -- Disc 30. Africa, the natural world -- PN2091.S6 B22 1991

Belli-Bello, Carlo, Dr. Carlo Belli-Bello's views on Africa / [Sue Supriano, interviewer]. Los Angeles, Calif. : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1984.1 sound cassette (29 min.). The Angolan economist and political scientist discusses his views on South Africa, Angola, consumer consciousness, African spirituality, and environmental issues. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE C252 Cassette Berg, Robert J. Crisis in Africa / [Robert J. Berg and Donald Easum, participants) 1986. 1 sound cassette (30 min.) Speakers at a Wingspread conference on Africa sponsored by the Johnson Foundation describe ecological, economic, and political sources of current famine in Africa. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE R-1213

Black women / [Goler T. Butcher, Teboho Kikine, and Ivy Matsepe, partiipants. 1976. (27 min.) Sponsored by the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. SUMMARY Focuses on the concerns of black women in the United States and Africa. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-351

Boraine, Alexander Lionel, South Africa [Jim Ruddle interviews AlexBoraine]. 1976. (28 min.) Examines the paradoxes existent in South African society, the effects of racial policies, and South Africa's position in the world. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-348

Bruner, Charlotte H. [First person feminine]. [Iowa State University, 1982-3]. SUMMARY Readings and commentary on fiction by contemporary women writers from the Third World.

[first series] [first series .cassette 1-6,5-18,25-26. NOTE CONTENTS: Tape 1. Mabel Dove Danquah (Ghana) -- Tape 2. Efua Theodora Sutherland (Ghana) -- Tape 3. Ama Ata Aidoo (Ghana) -- Tape 4 Flora Nwapa (Nigeria) -- Tape 5. Barbara Kimenye (Uganda) Tape 6. Grace Ogot (Kenya) -- Tape 11. Miriam Tlali (South Africa) -- Tape 12. Bessie Head (South Africa) -- Tape 13. Assia Djebar (Algeria) -- Tape 14. Fadhma Amrouche (Algeria) --Tape 15-17. Marguerite Taos-Amrouche (Kabylia) -- Tape 18 Andree Chedid (Egypt) --Tape 25. Ethel Rovere -- Tape 26. Christine Craig.[second series] CONTENTS: Tape 10. Houaria Kadra (Algeria) -- Tape 11. Selections of poetry and prose from some modern Arab women, poets and critics -- Tape 17. Trois femmes a Manhattan / Maryse Conde -- Tape 18. Une saison a Rihata / Maryse Conde -- Tape 19 Vera Bell (Jamaica) -- Tape 20. Lucille Iremonger (Jamaica). -- Tape 22. Angelita Reyes (Honduras) -- Tape 23. Paule Marshall (Jamaica) -- Tape 24. Liliane Devieux Dehoux (Haiti) -- Tape 25 Alifa Rifaat (Egypt) -- Tape 26. Sylvia Wynter (Jamaica) -- Tape 27. Peggy Appiah (Ghana) -- Tape 28. Peggy Appiah -- Tape 30. Micere Githae Mugo (Tanzania). C189 Cassette[third series] cas.4-10,1-16. NOTE Contents: Tape 4. Nifissatou Diallo (Senegal) -- Tape 5. Miriama Ba (Senegal)-- Tape 6. Aminata Sow Fall (Senegal) -- Tape 7. Second class citizen / Buchi Emecheta (Nigeria) -- Tape 8. The bride's price / Buchi Emecheta --Tape 9. The joys of motherhood / Buchi Emecheta -- Tape 10. Martha Mvungi (Tanzania) -- Tape 13. Myriam Warner-Vieyra (Guadeloupe) -- Tape 14. Barbara Acquah (Ghana) -- Tape 15. Amelia Blossom House (South Africa) -- Tape 16. Hazel Mugot (Seychelles and Kenya). C190 Cassette

[fourth series]. [1983-1984]. cas. 16, 18, 25-26, 27-28, 29, 32, 33. CONTENTS: Tape 16. Penniah A. Ogado (Kenya) -- Tape 18. Bessie Head (South Africa) -- Tape 25. Gladys Thomas (South Africa) -- Tape 26. Nawal El Saadawi (Egypt) -- Tape 27-28. Nawal Saadawi -- Tape 29. Djanet Lachmet (Algeria) -- Tape 32. Zee Edgell (Belize) -- Tape 33. Zee Edgell. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE C191 Cassette

Butcher, Goler. Black Africa. 1982. 1 side of sound cassette (28 min.) Focuses on issues and concerns of Black African people and nations. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE B-2

Bucher, Henry H., African studies in American schools. 1979 (28 min.) A meeting sponsored by Association of African Studies Programs and African Studies Association. A description of African studies in American schools. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-636

Carrington, Walter C. Black Americans and their interest in Africa 1979. 1 side of sound cassette (28 min.) Included is a description of the work of the African-American Institute, Black American interest in Africa, some emotional VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-572

Carter, Gwendolen, The United States and South Africa [moderator, Dan Price ; participants, Gwendolen M. Carter and Frank S. Loescher]. 1975. (28 min.) Features in-depth look at situation in South Africa including U.S. investments. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-213

Chandevengerwa, Matthew. Zimbabwe]. 1984. 1 sound cassette (30 min.) Discussion of race relations in Zimbabwe since the advent of the Black majority government. VINCENT VOICE LIB, C253 Cassette

Coetzee, J. M., Disgrace. Bath, [England], [1999] 6 sound discs (ca. 8 hr.). "Complete & unabridged." "Winner of the Booker Prize"--Container. Read by Jack Klaff. "A white woman is gang-raped by blacks in post-apartheid South Africa. However, she understands such settling of scores is inevitable, given what whites did to blacks ..." VINCENT VOICE LIB, D4 Audiodisc Davis, Willis. The humanities and Black students [Racine, Wis.] : Johnson Foundation, [1984?] 1 sound cassette (28 min.) ; Presents his view of the humanities, the lessons to be learned from ancient cultures, and the cultural contributions which have been lost in the African and Black experience. Similarities and differences in African cultures are explored. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE B-41

De St. Jorre, John, South Africa / [John de St. Jorre ; John Callaway, moderator]. Racine, Wisconsin : The Johnson Foundation, [1982?] (28 min., 8 sec.) SUMMARY Examines the current racial problems of South Africa. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE R-939

Dumor, Cecilia J. An African view of the U.S. 1979. (28 min.) A meeting sponsored by the Association of African Studies Programs and African Studies Association. Examines some current African perceptions of the U.S. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-635

El-Messiri, Abdelwahab M., [Zionism in Africa] / [Abdelwahab M. El -Messiri]. 1 sound cassette (ca. 60 min.) NOTE Originally recorded on April 1, 1976 on the campus of Michigan State University. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE C181 Cassette

Ethiopia. 1976. (28 min., 17 sec.) Deals with the revolution in Ethiopia. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE R-326

Fasteau, Marc. South Africa / [John Callaway, moderator ; Marc Fasteau, Charles V. Hamilton, participants]. Racine, Wisconsin : The Johnson Foundation, 1981.(28 min., 7 sec.) SUMMARY Examines the recommendations of the Study Commission on United States Policy Toward South Africa, which was established with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE R-831

Free South Africa Movement retrospective. 1985.1 sound cassette (30 min.) : analog. This program examines the development of the FSA movement following the first arrest at the South African embassy on Thanksgiving, 1984. U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner and co- founder of the movement, Mary Berry is heard tracing the emergence of a broad American consciousness concerning conditions in South Africa, and what effects this has had on policies here and abroad. DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WEST AVC 235 Audiocassette

Fugard, Athol. Playland. 1996. 1 sound cassette. DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WEST AVC 351 Audiocassette

Fugard, Athol. The road to Mecca. 1996. 2 sound cassettes (130 min.) : analog. DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WEST AVC 406 Audiocassette

Good, Robert C. America's South African policy / [Robert C. Good ; John Callaway, moderator]. 1981. (28 min.) SUMMARY Focuses on South Africa and the Rockefeller Study Commission report on U.S. Policy toward that country. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-814

Harrington, John. The economics of divestment / John Harrington, Gay Seidman, and Walter Turner. 1985. (46 min.) As the movement for divestment of stocks in South African companies gains momentum, John Harrington discusses his work as president of an alternative investment house; Gay Seidman discusses her experiences in South Africa; and Walter Turner talks about his work as a member of the Africa Resource Center. VINCENT VOICE LIB, C255 Cassette

Hauwanga, Reuben. The black experience in Southwest Africa/ [Reuben Hauwanga and Edward C. May]. 1976. 1 side of sound cassette (28 min., 41 sec.) SUMMARY Examines efforts by the U.N. to free Namibia from South African control, SWAPO, the need for economic sanctions against South Africa... VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-302

Hoskins, Lewis M. South Africa today / [Dan Price interviews Lewis Hoskins]. Racine, Wisconsin ; The Johnson Foundation, 1979. (28 min., 23 sec.) SUMMARY Focuses on current affairs within South Africa, including the "information scandal", efforts to buy the Washington Star, ... VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-582

James, C. L. R. Black jacobins and Black reconstruction : A comparative analysis. [Sound recording] PUBLISHER Atlanta : Institute
of the Black World, 1974. 1 cassette . NOTE Recorded June 15, 1971. VINCENT VOICE LIB, C131 Cassette

Karis, Thomas,The U.S. and South Africa / [John Callaway, moderator ; Thomas Karis, Ruth S. Hamilton, participants]. R [1983]. (28 min.,) Examines aspects of the current and proposed relationship between the U.S. and South Africa. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-956

Kersale, Patrick. Mali : parole d'ancetre dogon : l'echo de la falaise / Patrick Kersale, Zakari Saye. Fontenay-sous-Bois, France : Anako, 2001. Accompanying sound disc contains traditional music and tales. DT551.45.D64 K47 2001 Disc CHECK SHELF

Knudson, Barbara. From Nairobi to the year 2000 / [Barbara Knudson and Jean Weidemann, participants]. 1986. (30 min.) SUMMARY Two participants at a conference sponsored by the Association for Women in Development and the Johnson Foundation give background and insights on the United Nations' "International Decade for Women" (1976-1985). Also included is a discussion of the culminating international women's conference held in Nairobi, Kenya. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-1206

Kotze, Theo. Reverend Theo and Helen Kotze / [Philip Maldari, interviewer]. 1984. 1 cassette (28 min.) Rev. Theo and Helen Kotze
tell of their lives as white South Africans in the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's and their personal awakening to the destructiveness of apartheid, as well as discussing the mindset of racism among white South Africans. VINCENT VOICE LIB, C254 Cassette

Lindsay, George N. Namibia: a trouble spot in southwest Africa. 1976. 1 side of sound cassette (28 min.) Examines the geography, location and population of Namibia, the problems it has with respect to South African control... VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE R-301

Lofchie, Michael F. Africa's agrarian crisis [John Callaway interviews Michael Lofchie].1984. 1 sound cassette (28 min). Examines various aspects of the current African crisis in lands and agricultural production. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE R-1033

McBride, Sean. Namibia : trouble spot in southern Africa [Sean McBride and Gwendolen M. Carter]. 1976. (28 min.) Examines South Africa's domination of Namibia, the need for positive action and the forms it should take VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-303

Mandela, Nelson, [Collected speeches of Nelson Mandela] electronic audio files :digital. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE VVL-01-1014 ELECTRONIC

Mandela, Nelson, The Voice of Nelson Mandela / extracts from famous speeches : original recordings. South Africa : South African Broadcasting Corporation, 1999. 1 sound disc (65 mins.) + 1 booklet. DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WEST AVD73 Audiodisc

Marquard, John F. South Africa and its future / [John Callaway interviews Marquard]. Racine, Wisconsin: The Johnson Foundation, 1979. (27 min., 42 sec.) SUMMARY Includes background of the Post of Transvaal and Sunday Post newspapers, circulation and design for black readership, grounds for newspaper banning, black editorship, and apartheid. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 R-591 Muzorewa, Abel. [Collected speeches of Abel Misurewa [sic]] [Muzor VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE VVL-01-1095

N'Dow, Wally. The United Nations and aid for Africa. Racine, Wis. : Johnson Foundation, 1986. (30 min.) SUMMARY Speakers at a Wingspread conference on Africa sponsored by the Johnson Foundation describe the emergency situation which exists in Africa resulting from a combination of economic crisis and drought, and the United Nations Development VINCENT VOICE R-1212
Nelson Mandela : Africa's noblest son . 1989. 2 cassettes (116 min.). CONTENTS The early years (30 min.) -- Law practice and run-ins with the law (29 min.) -- Prison life and Mandela family (30 min.) -- Mandela's release and future (27 min.). A four-part documentary which examines Nelson Mandela's upbringing, his career as a lawyer and his imprisonment. Wife Winnie Mandela describes the harassment of the family during Nelson's imprisonment. Mandela's impact on South Africa is also discussed. AVC 471 Audiocassette

Julius K. Nyerere (An Inventory of Spoken Word Audio Recordings in the Vincent Voice Library, Michigan State University). [Collected speeches of Julius K. Nyerere] 1977 1 electronic audio file :digital sound recording. Broadcast News. VVL-01-1170

Nzibo, Yusuf A. Conversation with Ambassador Yusaf A. Nzibo, Kenya's envoy to the U.S., Mexico and Colombia. [Chicago, 2004] Interview with Yushaf A. Nzibo, outgoing Kenyan ambassador to U.S., Mexico and Colombia. AVD81 Audiodisc

Paton, Alan. Alan Paton Washington, D.C. : Tapes for Readers, p1978. 1 sound cassetteNOTE Interview conducted by Stephen Banker. VINCENT VOICE LIB, C236 Cassette

Pogrund, Benjamin. A report on South Africa [Dan Price interviews Benjamin Pogrund]. 1976. (28 min., 58 sec.) SUMMARY South African journalist Benjamin Pogrund discusses his current relation with the government of South Africa, his career and legal problems he has encountered, and South African apartheid. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-346

Qoboza, Percy. South Africa, a personal profile. 1981. (28 min., 6 sec.) SUMMARY An interview with the former editor of The world, principal black newspaper in South Africa which is now banned. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-813

The roots of resistance. Volume 1. Freedom Archives, [2002] Recordings of voices of political and social activists, including Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Ho Chi Minh, Nelson Mandela, Victor and Joan Jara .... AVD72 Audiodisc

The Sahel : a crisis in West Africa, 1977 (28 min) A meeting sponsored by Kettering Foundation and Overseas Development Council. Examines problems facing Sahel area of West Africa, as a result of catastrophic drought. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-414

Shimoni, Yaacov, [Africa, Israel and the United Nations] 2 sound cassettes (120 min.) Recorded on Michigan State University on December 4, 1975. A speech by the Assistant Director General of Israel Foreign Ministry. Also heard are Dr. John M. Hunter and Dr. Mohammed Asraf El-Bayoumi, faculty representative to the Organization of Arab Students. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE C185 Cassette

Smith, Ian Douglas, [Collected speeches of Ian Douglas Smith] DESCRIPTION 1 electronic audio file :digital. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE VVL-01-1413 ELECTRONIC South Africa : a report on apartheid. 1974. (28 min.) A meeting sponsored by Human Rights Panel of The American Society of International Law. Deals with the country of South Africa and its policies of racial discrimination. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-157

South Africa : a student perspective [Alan Bickley, moderator]. Racine, Wis. : Johnson Foundation, 1986 (30 min.) Two Black South African university students discuss higher education in their country. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE R-1189 ¦

The struggle in Africa [J. Gus Liebenow, John W. Harbeson, and Victor G. Uchendu, participants. 1976. (28 min.) Examines the black struggle against racism in Africa. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-327

Terkel, Studs, Four decades with Studs Terkel St. Paul, MN: HighBridge, p1993. 4 sound cassettes (6 hrs.) Interviews recorded between 1955-1989. Tape 3, Side A. Wole Soyinka, Maya Angelou, Barry Lopez, Jacob Bronowski and Simone de Beauvoir -- Side B. Kenneth Tynan, Bertrand Russell, Nadine Gordimer, LeLeonard Berstein and Garry Wills. AVC 269 Audiocassette

Thobejane, Senti. South Africa. 1986. 1 sound cassette (30 min.) . An exiled member of the African National Congress, taking part in a conference on South African Higher Education, discusses the role of the African National Congress. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-1187

Tlou, Josiah. Rhodesia / [Josiah Tlou and Marylee Wiley, participants) 1979. (28 min., 37 sec.,) NOTE A meeting sponsored by the Association of African Studies Programs and African Studies Association. Taped on September 13, 1979. Focuses on the political problems and unrest. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-634

Tutu, Desmond. Bishop Desmond Tutu at Stanford., 1986. 1 sound cassette (45 min.) : In January of 1986, Nobel Prize winner Bishop Desmond Tutu visited San Francisco and spoke at Stanford University on the evils of apartheid in South Africa and stressed vital efforts that Americans could make to assist in bringing an end to this racist system. AVC 236 Audiocassette

Tutu, Desmond. Bishop Tutu addresses the California state legislature/ 1985. 1 sound cassette (20 min.) In an address before the California state legislature in May, 1985, Bishop Tutu describes how South African and President Reagan's policies are making non-violence less of a viable channel for social change in South Africa. VINCENT VOICE LIB, C256 Cassette

U.S. foreign policy and human rights / [moderator, Dan Price ; participants, Richard B. Bilder, Frank C. Newman, John Salzberg]. 1974. (28 min.) A discussion of U.S. human rights in countries such as South Africa and the Third World. VINCENT VOICE LIB R-158

Wallerstein, Immanuel Maurice, Africa : past and future / [John Callaway interviews Immanuel Wallerstein], 1984. 1 side of sound cassette (27 min.) Focuses on historic perspectives and future concerns of African nations. VINCENT VOICE LIB, R-1032
WKAR Radio. [Collected broadcasts from the WKAR radio program, Colloquy] ECONNECT 20 electronic audio files :digital. SUMMARY Broadcasts from the WKAR radio program, Colloquy. Topics include: African American Scholars Council, Ethiopia, South Africa, Swaziland, VINCENT VOICE LIB, VVL-01-1121\

Wolf, James B. South Africa : roots of revolution / [James B. Wolf, participant ; Alan Bickley, moderator]. Racine, Wis. : The Johnson Foundation, 1986. (30 min.) SUMMARY At a meeting sponsored by the Johnson Foundation and the University of Capetown Fund, Inc., Wolf focuses on South Africa and the continuing struggle for racial equality. VINCENT VOICE LIB, 4 WE R-1188Wolfe, Deborah. [Collected speeches of Deborah Wolfe] Deborah Wolfe addresses Michigan Alliance of Black Educators at Kellog Center, Broadcast on WKAR, 1977. VINCENT VOICE LIB, VVL-01-1622

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