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African Activist Archive at MSU Libraries: Selected Sound Recordings - Oral Poetry, African Music

A description with links to MSU Libraries holdings of the African Activist Archive

Oral Poetry, African Music

At the court of the Mwami, Ruanda : 1952, Rwanda : Tutsi, Hutu, Twa. Utrecht, The Netherlands : Stichting Sharp Wood Productions ; Grahamstown, South Africa : International Library of African Music, p1998. 1 sound disc NOTE Percussion music, praise songs, and dance music from the court of Mutara III Rudahigwa in Rwanda. DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WEST AVD11 Audiodisc
Echoes of Africa [sound recording] : early recordings 1930s-1950s Mainz, Germany : Wergo, p2002 "24 rare recordings from the early days of the African record industry ... ". MSU FINE ARTS--MUSIC CD CD 16242

Mister Tameklor / par le Happy Star Concert Band de Lome (Togo). Paris : SELAF ; ORSTOM, 1981. 2 sound cassettes (ca. 240 min.) DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WEST AVC 144 Au diocassette Northern and Central Malawi : 1950 '57 '58, Nyasaland : Tonga, Tumbuka, Cewa. Utrecht, Netherlands : Stichting Sharp Wood Productions, p[2000]. 1 sound disc (67 min., 17 sec.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. NOTE Bangwe board zither, one-string karigo lute, the kubu bow, the kalimba, malipenga music (a small big band of gourd kasoos with drums, men's choir and the polyphony by the women. Sung in Tonga (Nyasa), Tumbuka and Cewa (African languages). DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WEST AVD10 Audiodisc

On the edge of the Ituri forest : 1952, Congo : Budu, Mbuti, Mangbele, Nande, Bira. Utrecht : Stichting Sharp Wood Productions ; Grahamstown, South Africa : International Library of African Music, [1998] 1 sound disc DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WEST AVD8 Audiodisc

Onyeka = Namibia will be free. [London : IDAF Records, 1984]. 1 sound cassette (ca. 45 min.) : PERFORMER SWAPO Cultural Group. Songs included are in different Namibian languages and reflect the richness of Namibia's cultural heritage and express the feelings and aspirations for national liberation of her people. DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WEST AVC 166 Audiocassette

Royal court music from Uganda : 1950 & 1952, Uganda : Ganda, Nyoro, Ankole. Grahamstown, South Africa : International Library of African Music, p1998. 1 sound disc Vocal and instrumental music from Uganda.. DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WEST AVD9 Audiodisc
C. African Language Sets (note: sound recording arealso held in other MSU centers)
Demuth, Katherine A. Basic SeSotho, an oral approach : supplementary text / by Katherine Demuth and Tholoana Sekhesa. Bloomington, Ind. : African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1978. 91 p. + 6 sound cassettes. AVC 442 Audiocassette

Donaldson, B. C. Colloquial Afrikaans: the complete course for beginners. 2000. 2 sound cassettes (120 min.) AVC 432 Audiocassette
Everyday Sotho phrases. on order April 2006

Everyday Tswana phrases on order April 2006

Indakwa, John. Beginner's Swahili. 1995. two cassettes. AVC 441 Audiocassette

Ithute seSotho = Learn seSotho. on order April 2006

Rajaobelina, Prosper. Malgache: Manao ahoana: initiation a la langue malgache, methode d'auto- enseignement. 5 cassettes. AVC 433 Sato, Max. Tiyeni! : Chichewa course for newcomers to Malawi . [Malawi], 1999. 135 p. + 1 audio-cassette. AVC 489 Audiocassette

Swahili . Rev., expanded ed. Wash., D.C. : Educational Services, 1994. 2 sound cassettes (1 hr., 37 min.) AVC 470 Audiocassette
Tracey, Hugh. Sounds of Africa series. -- not cataloged. 150 LPs.

Wilkes, Arnett. Teach yourself Zulu. Lincolnwood, IL : NTC, 1996. 2 sound cassettes + 1 book AVC 464 Audiocassette
3. COMPUTER DISKS (selected items only)
Africa folk music atlas / edited by Leonardo D'Amico, Francesco Mizzau. [Firenze, Italy] : Amharsi, [c1996] 94 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 22 cm. + 4 computer optical disc DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WE ML3760 .A37 1996

Apartheid & the history of the struggle for freedom in South Africa. Bellville, South Africa : Mayibuye Center, University of the Western Cape, 1993. SUMMARY Consists of 48 titles on the history of freedom on South Africa, such as the speeches of Mandela and Luthuli and a pictorial history of the ANC. DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO DT1757 .A63 1994
Art & life in Africa. Iowa City, IA : Art and life in Africa Project University of Iowa, c1998. " "The CD includes over 10,000 images of 600 objects and 750 field photographs; 107 ethnographies; 27 ethnographic maps; 1400 entries in a bibliographic database; 11 chapters; 36 essays; video and music clips. Features include a fully searchable index, and a slide show maker for creating custom presentation."" DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO N72.S6 A78 1998Changing hands: a calnder of bondage in southern Africa 1550 to 1888 / Robert Shell. In process April 2008

Five windows into Africa : a CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh computers / Patrick McNaughton, John H. Hanson, et al. Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University Press, c2000. DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WE GN645 .F54 2000
Forum regional "Praia + 9" (2003 : Bamako, Mali). Forum regional "Praia + 9": foncier rural et developpement durable au Sahel et en Afrique de l'Ouest. [S.l.] : Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel, [2003] DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO HD2140.3 .F67 2003 CD-ROM

From Diaspora to Diorama: The Old Slave lodge in Cape Town, Robert Shell, 2005, in process November 2006 NEW
The green book : a guide to effective graduate research in African agriculture, environment, and rural development / edited by Bharati K. Patel ... [et al.].Kampala, Uganda : African Crop Science Society, 2004. CD-ROM contains the print edition and additional appendices. DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO S542.A35 G74 2004 CD-ROM
"Images et colonies": cartes postales anciennes de l'Afrique occidentale francaise, 1900-1960 / realise sous la direction de Adama Aly Pam avec la participation de Oumy Coume et Ngouda Diene. Dakar, Senegal : Archives du Senegal, 2002. L (22 pages - 70 cartes postales/page)". DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO HE6185.S382 I43 2002 CHECK SHE

International Conference on AIDS (13th : 2000 : Durban). Highlights from the XIII International AIDS Conference : 9-14 July, 2000, Durban, South Africa. [Rockville, Md.] : Technical Resources International, [2000] DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO RA643.76 .I53 2000
JLVS history reference library [Pretoria : Van Schaik, 1999. Includes apartheid-era texts, etc. Includes video footage of all South African presidents since 1900, as well as visuals of all landmark speeches from president Vorster to deputy president Thabo Mbeki; as well as higlights of SABC's TRC special report. CONTENTS: Western Europe from decline of Rome to Reformation / Theo Van Wijk, S.B.Spies-- Europe 1555-1848 / T. Van Wijk,M.C.Van Zyl-- Europe 1848-1980 / T. van Wijk, M. Boucher -- Europe since 1848 W. Schellack, S.B. Spies -- Five Hundred Years / C.F.J. Muller -- History of South Africa to 1854 / H.J. van Aswegen-- Study guide to History of South Africa to 1854 / H.J. van Aswegen -- South Africa in the 20th century / B.J. Liebenberg, S.B. Spies -- Vyfhonderd jaar Suid-Afrikaanse geskiedenis / C.F.J. Muller --Geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika tot 1854/ H.J. Van Aswegen --The African National Congress and the negotiated settlement / J.M. Rantete --Wat se die grondwet?/ What does the constitution say? / I.M. Rautenbach, E.F.J. Malherbe --The constitution of South Africa (English and Afrikaans). DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO D21.3 .J46 1999

Microsoft Encarta africana / edited by Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Redmond, WA : Microsoft Corp., c1993-c1999. "Comprehensive encyclopedia of Black history and culture"-A multimedia encyclopedia with more than 3000 articles, DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO DT14 .M527 1993

The moving spirit: an exhibition by the Durban Local History Museum Trust : a journey with religion and faith / photographs by Paul Weinberg. Durban, South Africa : Durban Local History Museums ; Johannesburg : TMQ Design, [1999] SUMMARY Paul Weinberg's photographic study of religion in and around Durban, South Africa, DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO BL2470.S6 M69 1999

OSSREA on CD: research publications and official documents. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia : OSSREA, 2001. Contains a database of documents (most of them with full text) and their bibliographic references published between 1980 and 2000 by the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA). DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO H62.2 .O87 2001

Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa. Conference (2001 : Washington, D.C.) The partnership to cut hunger and poverty in Africa [S.l. : s.n., 2001] "Developed by the Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa, in cooperation with the Agricultural and Natural Resource Education and Communication Systems and the Department of Agricultural Economics at Michigan State University" DIGITAL/MEDIA, 4 WE HD9017.A2 P34 2001 CD-ROM

Rural women in Africa : ideas for earning money / International Women's Tribune Centre and IDRC/East & Southern Africa Regional Office. New York : International Women's Tribune Centre, [2002] DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO HQ1787 .R87 2002 CD-ROM

Senegal. Direction de la Statistique. Database Package. Dakar, Senegal: Direction de la Statistique. On order, 2005.

South Africa's human spirit : an oral memoir of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. [Johannesburg] : SABC, 2000. 5 computer optical discs + 1 booklet. CONTENTS v. 1. Bones of memory -- v. 2. Slices of life -- v. 3. Worlds of licence ; discs 1-2 -- v. 4. Portraits of truth -- v. 5. Windows of history. DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO K5301 .S68 2000
Thomas Baines and the "Great Map" : route of the Gold Fields Exploration Company's Expedition, 1869 -1872 / Lindy Stiebel ... [et al]. [Durban, South Africa] : Campbell Collections, 2001. SUMMARY Includes scanned images of the twelve sections of the 1872 manuscript version of the "Great Map," currently held by Campbell Collections, University of Natal, Durban. Also includes articles about Thomas Baines and the map. DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO G8481.S12 1872 T47 Map

Timbuktu, city of God, gold and glory. Vol. 1 (2005) 1 CD (44 min.), DT551.9.T55 T55 2005 Audiodisc , NEW

Urban community upgrading in Africa : country assessment reports
. [S.l.] : World Bank, Africa Region, Water and Urban Units, 2002. A collection of assessment reports on various African nations, their economic and social conditions. CONTENTS Summary -- Burkina Faso -- Cameroon -- Ivory Coast -- Ghana -- DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO HN820.A8 U73 2002

Wagner-Robertz, Dagmar. Liedtexte der Dama : Sudwestafrika /Namibia. Koln : Koppe, 2001. SERIES History, cultural traditions, and innovations in Southern Africa ; v. 15.PDF documents. DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO GR880 .W346 2001

Whistleblowing around the world : law, culture & practice / edited by Richard Calland & Guy Dehn. Cape Town : ODAC, 2004. DIGITAL/MEDIA CD-RO HD60 .W458 2004 CD-ROM SLIDES [under construction]Country orientation notebooks for Africa Devisse, Jean. Villes anciennes de Mauritanie / J. Devisse, D. et S. Robert. Paris : Association Universitaire pour le Developpement de l'Enseignement et de la Culture en Afrique et a Madagascar, [1975] 40 col. slides (film). DT553.M23 D48
Pliya, Jean. Les rois d'Abomey. Paris : Association Universitaire pour le Developpement de l'Enseignement et de la Culture en Afrique et a Madagascar, [1972?] 20 col. slides (film) DT541.9.A35 P55

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