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Retirement Resources: General Resources

Page Coordinator: Laura Leavitt Last updated: 05-04-2010

General Resources

There are a number of non-profit organizations and professional associations that provide information on retirement planning for the individual consumer. Many banks and insurance companies also have financial planning services. You may wish to contact your bank, insurance agent or credit union to see if they offer any free services, classes, or publications. Additionally, if you have a retirement plan with an organization like TIAA-CREF, representatives will often be able to answer questions about investment and financial planning options. The following list is a small collection of the resources available.

  • 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy - Retirement Section

    Part of a larger website sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to assist people in making personal finance decisions. Features a large collection of articles, FAQs and other tools.

  • AARP

    • Information portal with a section on specific questions and problems associated with retirement.
    • Online videos are also available to help explain the process.


    Section on the topic of retirement planning.

  • Forbes

    Features on different aspects of investment and retirement.

  • - Retirement Section

    • As an investor education site, this resource contains a number of different tools for those planning their retirements, including an introductory tour of retirement plans, a collection of articles and a retirement planning dictionary.
    • There is also a free mini-tutorial on retirement planning available.

  • MetLife

    You will find a series of webpages devoted to Enjoying Retirement here. There is also an online quiz designed to help consumers make their retirement savings last.

  • The Motley Fool

    A division of Yahoo! Finance, this site has a comprehensive guide to retirement which clearly answers important questions about preparing for retirement.

  • Prudential

    • Online portal for retirement planning which contains useful articles, calculators and guides as well as a unique collection of research reports.

  • Additional Tools - Calculators and questionnaires

    There are also a number of calculators and questionnaires available online designed to assess one's current financial situation and plot out a course of action for retirement savings. Some examples include: ASTEC’s Retirement Personality Profile available on the Choose to Save site, and the retirement calculator on the NASD site.
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