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SciFinder Guide: Using SciFinder

Getting Started

The Chemical Abstract Service (CAS), producer of SciFinder, provides many training and troubleshooting guides on their website.  Choose the format that works best for you! How-To Guides (PDF Format) and more.

Quick overviews of basic functionality including:

  • Different types of searching (by topic, author, substance, etc.)
  • Refining & Analyzing your answer set
  • Exporting your answers
  • Linking to full text
  • ...and more!

SciFinder Tutorials (Videos & Webcasts)

Covers many of the basics shown above, but in 7-15 minute videos (some longer).

See also:  Synthetic Chemistry (see this 4-minute video)

    Other help

    Tips from the Experts - Article by A. Ben Wagner published inIssues in Science & Technology Libraries regarding search strategies for salts, alloys, and other inorganic compounds (with the exception of organometallics.)

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