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Pharmacology and Toxicology Online Masters Program: Using the MSU Libraries: Writing in Science

Resources to help you with scientific writing

Several books are available from the MSU Libraries on writing scientific papers. They explain the parts of a paper and what belongs in each part as well as how to write in scientific style.

You can also search the MSU Libraries Online Catalog for books. Use search keywords like:

scientific writing

biological sciences and writing

Style Guides

If you're supposed to be following a specific style guide for class or to submit to a journal, check the website for that style guide. Some of the things it will tell you:

--how to format paper sections and which ones to include

--how to format in-text citations

--language conventions for the style (for example, should you use British or American spelling, should you write "healthcare" or "health care," should there be two spaces or one space after a period, etc.)

--how to format the captions on figures and tables

--how to format your bibliography

--what file format should be used for images, if you are submitting them with your paper. 

The Purdue OWL website has good general guidelines for citations and styles, but for more specific guidelines, go to the website of the style your professor requires. 



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