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HDFS 448: Child and Family Policy: Government Information

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ProQuest Congressional and CRS Reports

ProQuest Congressional

The ProQuest Congressional database searches across many different types of documents from the Legislative Branch of our Federal government.

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports are a particularly useful type of document in the database.

After running a search in ProQuest Congressional, use the limiters on the right-hand side of the search results screen to narrow you results by document type. You should see CRS Reports listed as a document type: click on this to limit the search to show only CRS Reports. If you do not see CRS Reports listed, try the More Options link.

Screenshot of ProQuest Congressional search limit options with CRS Reports circled in red

Michigan Legislature

Searching the web for government documents

  • Google with the command
    Add in the advanced search command after your keywords to limit to the .gov domain, which most government websites are published on.
  • Go to the relevant agency website
    Identify the government agency that oversees your policy area. Browse or search their website for information, reports, statistics, etc. about programs and policies.

Agency Websites

Federal Government Agencies

Please note that this is not a complete list of federal agencies involved in social policy programs and topics.  It is only a selected list of programs that are often of interest to students.  For a complete overview of all U.S. Federal Government agencies refer to the U.S. Government Manual.

Overview of Federal Social Service Programs

Michigan Government Agencies

Unfortunately, there is not a compendium of programs similar to those described for the Federal-level. Rather, you are forced to find programmatic statements on the agency's website.  Selected relevant agencies are listed below, others can be identified by consulting the Michigan Manual or browsing the State of Michigan website.

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