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Psychology Overview

A brief introduction to psychology research at MSU Libraries.

Test Information

The MSU Libraries have a long-standing policy of providing information about tests and measures, but not the actual instrument. Online resources are making more and more instruments available, but it remains true that MSU does not have a unique collection.  The new database from APA, called PsycTESTS is one prominent example of online availability.  More extensive information about Testing Resources at MSU is available on the web at

Finding information about a specific instrument is usually fairly straightforward. The HaPI (Health and Psychosocial Instruments) index is the place to start. Another major tool, available in both print and online formats is Mental Measurements Yearbook (Buros or MMY), Reference, 1 Center - BF431 .A1 M4 and it's companion index volumes Tests In Print, Main Library, 2 East - BF431 .A1 M47. Together these provide descriptive information, references and critical reviews and purchase information for commercially available English language tests. Abbreviations and ancronyms can make these resources difficult to use. Allow time to read the introduction and help screens.

Many of the tests developed during research studies never become commercially available. The instrument may be reproduced in an appendix of the report or as part of a table. Of course, such tests also do not undergo the scrutiny for reliability, validity, and such that a published test receives. Many of the most useful of these tests from the fields of education and psychology are listed in Directory of Unpublished Experimental Measures, Reference, 1 Center - BF431 .G624. This series of seven volumes indexes instruments that have appeared in journal articles. The Libraries also have Tests in Microfiche,  index at Reference 1 Center - LB3051 .E77 2000 which is a remarkably poorly indexed collection of tests from the Educational Testing Service.  Tests in the set are not commercially available and may be reproduced for research use. 

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