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Psychology Overview

A brief introduction to psychology research at MSU Libraries.

General Psychology Information Psychology A good general introduction to psychology. Contains signed overview articles on basic topics such as core theories and important experiments. Also includes fun aspects, such as quizzes for self assessment.

CyberPsych presents information about psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and special topics such as anxiety disorders, the problematic use of alcohol, homophobia, and the traumatic effects of racism. CyberPsych is also a not for profit network which offers free web hosting to mental health organizations and individuals with content of interest to the public and the professional mental health community.

Dr. Michael Fenichel's Current Topics in Psychology The full-text Quick Reference Guide section offers clear, useful information in the form of a resource page, summary paper or review article. The General Reference section is a list of links to other useful psychology sites.

Mental Help Net Offered as a public service by an Ohio web development company this site provides essays on common concerns, a user questions response column, links to help find health care providers, and lots of ads.

Web Portals

The Association for Psychological Science offers a wide ranging site of interest to psychology professionals and students. Features include job listings, the society newsletter, a major list of electonic journals in psychology, Psychology Department home pages, research resources, other psychology organizations, and much more. This is a major site for web access to all aspects of professional psychology.

Classics in the History of Psychology from York University in Toronto is an effort to make the full texts of a large number of historically significant public domain documents from the scholarly literature of psychology and allied disciplines available on the World Wide Web.

The Encyclopedia of Psychology from William Palya at Jacksonville State University aims to facilitate browsing in any area of psychology by presenting a listing of selected links to the subject. Appears to be quite thorough and well maintained.

National Institute of Mental Health A research focused site with information about funding, trials, and training. Also offers links to practical psychology information on key topics.

Psych Web at Georgia Southern University is a real gold mine, especially for psychology faculty and students. The offerings include links to lots of full text material, a student guide in the form of discussion pages, an APA citation format resource list, and even sample exam questions (with answers) for popular undergraduate psychology courses. Some areas have not been updated as well as could be wished, but this is still an excellent site.

Psych Central Regularly maintained by Dr. John Grohol and a staff of contributing editors, this is one of the Net's best information sources for mental health information, as well as providing annotated guides to the most useful websites, newsgroups, and mailing lists online today in mental health, psychology, social work, and psychiatry.

PsychScholar A Collection of Web Resources for Psychological Scholars and Budding Psychological Scholars from Hanover College. Lots here to help students with psychology related assignments.

Psychology Resources Around the World.  Developed by the International Union of Psychological Science the portal is organized geographically and aims to be the comprehensive resource for psychology. Information includes organizations and institutions, regulation of practice, research and education; history; and major contacts within a country.

Psychology Virtual Library Part of The World Wide Web Virtual Library. Sites are inspected and evaluated for their adequacy as information sources. Some sites are organized by type, e.g. academic departments, or books & publishers; others by subject, e.g. history, religion, stress. There is also a search function available.

Social Psychology Network at Wesleyan University focuses on social psychology but contains links to psychology-related resources, in all areas. Highlights include links to the homepages of Social Psychologists, and to web based social psychology courses.

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