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AgNIC Viticulture: Norton/Cynthiana Grapes

MSU maintains the Viticulture information site within the AgNIC alliance. The site contains links to information and provides the opportunity to ask reference questions.

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Cynthiana Research: Tissue Culture Improves the Propagation of 'Norton' Grapevine (Vitis aestivalis) by Brant B. Bigger and Paul E. Read at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Cynthiana Grape Cultivar Propagation Study - Darin Enderton, Craig Dilley, Paul Domoto, and Gail Nonnecke, Department of Horticulture, Iowa State University. 'Cynthiana' (Norton) has shown promise as a wine grape for adapted regions of Southern Iowa, but unlike most grape cultivars, it is difficult to propagate from cuttings. Studies have found that rooting can be improved by treating the cuttings with rooting hormone such as indole-3 butyric acid (IBA). The use of bottom heat to simulate root development before bud breaks has also been shown to be beneficial. A student special studies project was established to evaluate the effect of bottom heat in combination with rooting hormone treatments on the rooting of 'Cynthiana' grape cuttings. Supporting Documents: Cynthiana Grape Cultivar Propagation Study - 2002 Presentation |in pdf|, and Cynthiana Grape Cultivar Propagation Study - 2002 Report |in pdf|
Cynthiana - The American Wine Grape from Vine by Design
Finespun Norton by Fred McMillinfor, October 21, 1998 in WineDay
Home Fruit Production: Grape Culture, Agricultural publication G6085 - Reprinted May 1, 1999 by Michele Warmund, Department of Horticulture, University of Missouri-Columbia
Influence of Yeast Strain on Organic Acids and Sensory Attributes in Cynthiana Wines [Abstract], Institute of Food Science and Engineering, University of Arkansas
Integrated Disease and Insect Management Programs for Norton Grapevines in the Midwest by Imed Dami, Kaan Kurtural, Mohammad Babadoost, and Richard Weinzierl. A Viticulture Poster from ASEV 2003 Annual Meeting. (In pdf format)
Norton, America's True Grape: Whence, and Whither? By Paul L. Roberts
Norton: Missouri's State Grape Harbors Juicy Little Secrets. in Sauce Magazine.
Norton/Cynthiana, from Missouri State University-Mountain Grove.
Phenolic Biosynthesis-related Gene Expression in Grapevine Leaves by Phanikant V. Turlapati, Hesheng Hou, Wenping Qiu, and László G. Kovács, Southwest Missouri State University. Abstract of a Viticulture Genetics paper presented at ASEV, 54th Annual Meeting, Reno, Nevada June 2003. p. 7.(in .pdf format)
Rooting Ability of Hardwood Cuttings of Norton Grapevine (Vitis aestivalis) under Different Conditions by Hiroyuki Matsui, Masanobu Ushiyama, Katsuya Ohkawa, Hitoshi Ohara, Takahiko Soga, and Machiko Ochi Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University, Matsudo, Chiba. Abstract of a Viticulture Poster at ASEV, 54th Annual Meeting, Reno, Nevada June 2003. p. 72.(in .pdf format) The Super Gigantic Y2K Wine-grape Glossary (if printed: over 140 pages): Cynthiana and Norton


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