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Jesuit relations and allied documents:Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France 1610-1791: English Language Versions

Main set

Editor:  Reuben Gold, Thwaites.

  • Cleveland, OH: Burrows Brothers, 1896-1901.



American languages in New France : extracts from The Jesuit relations. Editor: Claudio R. Salvucci. Bristol, PA : Evolution Pub., c2002. 331 p.

Early Jesuit missions in North America. Print  Online  Microfiche

Kenton, Edna. Editor: 

Jesuit relations and allied documents; a selection. Editor: S. R. Mealing. Toronto] McClelland and Stewart [c1963] 157 p.

Jesuit relations : natives and missionaries in seventeenth-century North America Editor: Allan Greer. Boston : Bedford/St. Martin's c2000. (226 p.)

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