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Citizen Participation: Economy/Consumer Issues

Covers political, social, environmental and economic activities aimed at building a better and more democratic and sustainable society


We more often think of our role as citizens as dealing with government and usually limit that to the electoral process. But we vote everyday by where and how we choose to share our dollars. This page is meant to give a few  approaches to change economic factors that affect our lives and those of our community and the environment we share.

Conscious Consumption

We vote everyday with our wallet. Here are some guides to help one make more value based decisions.

Boycotts and Buycotts

Boycotts are the actions in which consumers stop buying specific items or from specific sources. Buycotts are the opposite - where you purposefully spend your money to support a product or business. While the action itself may help align one's values with one's actions, the spread of the action is paramount in for successful boycotts and buycotts. Thus the importance of communicating your action to both the target of your action and other consumers.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

More investors are seeing the enduring value of investing for a 'triple-bottom-line' return (ROI). These sites are a few of many that keep you connected to that activity and emerging information.

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