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Bible Resources: Atlases and Maps

The purpose of this guide is to point the way to information sources about the Bible.

Atlases and Maps

Oxford Bible Atlas Main BS 630 .O96 2007

Attractive maps and photographs with concise textual explanations focusing on the most important Biblical and extra-biblical material.  Revised to incorporate recent research and archaeological data.

Biblical World, an Illustrated Atlas Map Library Short Atlas G 2330 .I8 2007

From National Geographic Society.  Over 50 maps and 350 photographs.  Covers from dawn of civilization to the Islamic conquest.  10 chapters.  Each chapter summarizes the Biblical narrative within a set time period and compares it to insights provided by modern geographical, archaeological, and literary research.

Macmillan Bible AtlasMap Library Short Atlas Section G 2230 .A2 1993

Reader's Digest Atlas of the Bible : an Illustrated Guide to the Holy Land Main oversize BS 635.2 .R4

Dual purpose: atlas and handbook.  Intro. Treats people, animals, plants, weights and measures, and the history of the Biblical lands.  Atlas part is arranged chronologically from the time of the patriarchs to the spread of Christianity.  32 page gazetteer.

Harper Atlas of the Bible  Map Library Supersize Atlas G 2330 .H47 1987

134 color maps.  Eight page time line of period names, culture, sites, subsistence, climate, technology, social organization, architecture to 2850 B.C.; for later periods it lists events influencing Palestine, dominant foreign powers, archaeological eras, and Biblical books.  450 photos and illustrations.  Arranged by main divisions of the Bible as understood by Christians.  Detailed but selective directory of “People of the Bible.”

Atlas of the Bible Map Library Short Atlas Section BS 630 .R62 1985

Emphasizes geography rather than history.  Three parts relate the Bible to its literature, its history, and its geography.  For geography, 13 regions of Biblical lands are covered in detail.  40 maps. Strength is 13 special feature articles on topics such as Codex Sinaiticus, animals, plants, warfare, everyday life, Jerusalem as the Jews knew it, other contemporary religions, and topography and passion of Jesus.  Treats 13 archaeological sites also.

NT Gateway: Maps, by Prof. Mark Goodacre, Dept. of Religion, Duke University

Portal to many maps re the Bible.  Includes links to some of the sites below, but also many more.

Bible Maps and Illustrations from Blue Letter Bible

Our mission is to facilitate in-depth study of God's Word through an on-line interactive reference library continuously updated from the teachings and commentaries of selected pastors and teachers who hold to the conservative, historical Christian faith. We desire to operate the Blue Letter Bible as a ministry. This is a zero revenue project. There will be no charge for any services, nor are there any banner ads on the website to generate revenue.

Ancient Near East Site Maps from U. of Chicago Oriental Institute

Site Maps covering the ancient Near East (Egypt, Sudan, The Levant, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran), locating primary archaeological sites, modern cities, and river courses set against a plain background. All Site Maps are Simple Conic projections at the same scale and orientation.

Maps and the History of Jerusalem from U. of Southern Maine Osher Map Library

The maps and plans displayed here illustrate some significant events and periods in the history of Jerusalem. Most of these images were created long after the events and periods they purport to illustrate, by makers who had never visited Jerusalem. They were based on secondary sources such as the Bible and early historical accounts, sometimes supplemented by eyewitness reports of travelers, and almost always by a liberal dose of imagination.

Maps of Paul's Missionary Journeys from Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Mission of the CCEL is to build up the church by making classic Christian writings available and promoting their use.

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