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Bible Resources: Introduction


The purpose of this guide is to point the way to information sources about the Bible.  The intended audience is M.S.U. undergraduates and community users.  It does not have the depth of resources necessary for ministers of the cloth or seminary students, although it can serve as a starting point.

Notice the gray "file folder" tabs above.  Learn to use the online catalog to find material on the Bible.  Research guides teach more about reference sources and about how to do research.  Encyclopedias and dictionaries contain entries on topics, people, places, and events and sometimes include further reading references.  Periodical indexes lead to articles in scholarly journals.  Commentaries, a particular kind of dictionary in the field of Biblical studies, offer discussion about interpretation of particular scriptural passages.  In the Translations/Versions section find a few of the many different Bible versions/translations in the M.S.U. Libraries.  Concordances offer access by topic/subject to particular Bible verses.  Atlases have maps.  And, in the Internet Sites section find links to worthy, scholarly, web sites; to some extent web sites will be found within the other sections, too.

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