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British Isles Free Web Sites: News

Selective guide to free web sites about the British Isles organized by broad topics: general and history; images and museums; libraries; literature/language; news; politics, government, and contemporary society.


BBC News (U.K.)

Freely searchable version of the print counterpart to the BBC News

British Pathé

News and entertainment video film archive. Since the invention of the moving image in the 1890's, British Pathé began recording every aspect of global culture and news, for the cinema. Encompasses one of the world's most prodigious and fascinating documents of the modern age. Fashion trends, warfare, famous faces,  sport, travel, culture, major events all covered.  Especially useful about WWI and WWII. British Pathé is a definitive source for the 20th century in moving images. All 85,000 newsreels, 1896-1976, are now searchable and viewable on YouTube. This equates to 3,500 hours of filmed history.

Electronic Telegraph (U.K.)

Freely searchable version of the Daily Telegraph

Gazettes Online

The gazettes, the official journals of U.K., Scotland, and Northern Ireland, containing both historical and current editions. These provide a mixture of state intelligence, government notices, and trade/business news. London Gazette has official war dispatches, including 1914-20 and 1939-48. It is the world's oldest, continuously published newspaper, published with the authority of the British government, and dating back to 1665.

Guardian and the Observer (U.K.)

Freely searchable version of the Manchester Guardian and the Observer.

IDC Online Newspaper Catalog

IDC Publishers offers a collection of 1,250 newspapers from 32 countries in 41 languages from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries on microform. The collected titles were originally published on all (sub)continents of the globe. IDC publishers has created an online newspaper catalog that allows searching in this collection. Searching may be done by keyword, title, place, country, language, or area. Search results for a search on a place, such as London, merely inform you of which papers came from there that are available to be bought from the IDC company, the type of microformat, number of reels, and the company's order number. From here, check M.S.U.'s online catalog to see if we own the title. If we do not, check WorldCat and CRL Catalog. If listed there, you may wish to use interlibrary services in an attempt to borrow the paper on microform.

International Times

International Times (it or IT) was an underground paper founded in London in 1966. Editors included John Hopkins, David Mairowitz, Pete Stansill, Barry Miles, Jiim Haynes, and playwright Tom McGrath. Jack Moore, avant-garde writer Bill Levy and Mick Farren, singer of The Deviants, also edited at various periods. This website ''contains scanned pages, which will be joined soon by a fully searchable hypertext version,'' according to an article in History Today Sept., 2009, p. 5. IT first ceased publication in 1972, after being convicted for running contact ads for gay men, and for a longer period in 1974, but merged with Maya, another underground publication, and was revived in 1975, continuing until 1982. It resurfaced in 1986... into the 1990s. There have been a total of 209 issues. It was a contemporary of other radical underground London magazines, Oz, Friends, and Ink

Irish Studies Web

Provides links to websites about Ireland and Northern Ireland: newspapers and news resources, gateways and subject guides. Has sections on Irish language, history, literature, and politics and government. The site is created by Aedin Clements, a librarian and hosted as part of WESSWEB. The Western European Studies Section (WESS) is a section within the Association of College and Research Libraries, which is itself a division of the American Library Association. WESS is professionally involved in the acquisition, organization, and use of information sources originating in or related to Western European countries. Our aim is to promote the improvement of library services supporting study and research in Western European affairs from ancient times to the present.

Times Online (U.K.)

Freely searchable version of the London Times Newspaper.

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