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NUR 806-731 Course Guide: Optional Readings about How to Search

Optional Readings

The following readings, which are completely optional, might also help you with literature searching in Nursing 815. Just click on the underlined titles to access electronic copies of these articles.

These first two are very short articles that cover the basics of literature searching for nurses.
Bernardo, L. M. (2008). Finding the evidence, part 1: Understanding electronic databases, Journal of Emergency Nursing 34(1), 59-60

Klem, M., & Northcutt, T. (2008). Finding the best evidence, part 2: The basics of literature searches. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 34(2), 151-153

This article focuses only on CINAHL searching. It's great to refer to when you're actually searching in CINAHL. The article does use screenshots from an older interface (all Ebsco databases including CINAHL were updated in the Summer of 08) but the content is so clearly explained it doesn't really matter.

Lawrence, J. (2007). Techniques for searching the CINAHL database using the EBSCO interface. AORN Journal, 85(4), 779-791

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