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Michigan State University

American Ethnic History: Selected Reference and Primary Sources in the MSU Libraries (under construction): Mexicans

José F. Treviño Chicano/Latino Activism Collection

This collection contains the papers of the following individuals:

Burillo, Penny Pangburn
Contains Burillo's material on Quinceañera celebrations in Michigan.

Espinoza, Miguel
Contains meeting minutes from the Southwest Michigan Migrant Resource Council from 1994-2000 as well as newspaper clippings on migrant labor, immigration and other agricultural labor issues.

Gonzales, Juana & Jesse Gonzales
Contains reports, newsletters, reprints, unpublished papers and news clippings relating to Chicano student activism on campuses, Chicanos and Latinos in the arts and materials on the history of Chicanos and Latinos in Michigan including agricultural labor and migrant workers.

Gordillo, Paulo R.
Contains documents, news clippings and correspondence on Cesar Chavez commorations, various news articles on Lansing area issues including the Q-106 radio program on a controversial Cinco de Mayo radio broadcast & a resulting "Media and Community Relations Summit

Guerrero, Andrés G.
Provides documents and some realia relating to Professor Guerrero’s interest in Chicano Liberation Theology and the Chicano civil rights movement

Khilji, David
Contains papers of a political activist at Eastern Michigan University and at Michigan State University. Topics include Native American, Middle Eastern and Chicano/Latino issues

Martinez, Gilberto V. and Minerva T.Martinez
Contains files, photographs, illustrations, newspaper clippings, articles, realia and memorabilia focusing on artists, exhibits, political events, political parties and business ventures in broadcasting & communications
in Texas and Michigan.

Reyes, Rudy
Contains reports, conference materials, meeting files, news articles, fliers, pamphlets, & training manuals dealing with labor, leadership training, educational issues, affirmative action, political advancement, and community support programs

Rochin, Refugio I.
This collection of news clippings and articles focuses on immigration, free trade, labor and the experiences of Chicanos and Latinos and particularly those of the undocumented immigrant.

Salas, Gumecindo
Contains reports, unpublished papers and news clippings related to Latinos in education including bilingual education and higher education;

Salas, Nora
Contains conference materials, meeting files, news articles, flyers,and pamphlets that focus on educational issues, affirmative action, political advancement, and community support programs
at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, as well as some events in the greater Detroit area.

Salazar, Gilbert
Contains materials documenting the early years of Latino organized sports in the Lansing area (1950- 1969).

Sanchez,Trinidad, Jr.
Sanchez was an award winning poet, author of five books, lecturer, and community activist.

Tirado, Daniel and Linda Medina Tirado
Contians reports, newsletters, reprints, newsclippings and photographs dealing with with agricultural labor and migrant workers

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