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American Ethnic History: Selected Reference and Primary Sources in the MSU Libraries (under construction): Germans

Primary Sources

August Willich's gallant Dutchmen : Civil War letters from the 32nd Indiana Infantry

Briefe aus Amerika : deutsche Auswanderer schreiben aus der neuen Welt 1830-1930

Citizens in a strange land : a study of German-American broadsides and their meaning for Germans in North America, 1730-1830

Distancers : an American memoir

Early German-American Evangelicalism : pietist sources on discipleship and sanctification

Enemy views : the American Revolutionary War as recorded by the Hessian participants

From the heart's closet : a young girl's WW II story
Author and her family were sent to an internment camp and later deported to Germany at the war's end.

German workers in Chicago : a documentary history of working-class culture from 1850 to World War I 

Germans for a free Missouri : translations from the St. Louis radical press, 1857-1862

Germans in the Civil War : the letters they wrote home

Hold dear, as always : Jette, a German immigrant life in letters

Immigrant in America
Microfilm set. Reels 148-180

Little Germany on the Missouri : the photographs of Edward J. Kemper, 1895-1920

Maria von Blücher's Corpus Christi : letters from the South Texas frontier, 1849-1879

Michael Zimmer's diary : ein deutsches Tagebuch aus dem Amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg

News from the land of freedom : German immigrants write home

Two Germans in the Civil War : the diary of John Daeuble and the letters of Gottfried Rentschler, 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

Whiskey merchant's diary : an urban life in the emerging Midwest

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