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If you are a student at Michigan State University, it is highly recommended that you go to the Mathematics Learning Center (MLC) for free help with your homework in MTH 1825, 100-level and 200-level classes. The MLC is located on the first floor of Wells Hall, in the A-wing. Help is also available from the Learning Resources Center in 202 Bessey Hall.

If you would like to study on your own, this guide provides some suggested library resources. Resources are available both in the Mathematics Library in D101 Wells Hall and the Main Library. For more information, please contact the Mathematics Librarian, Sheila Bryant, bryants@msu.edu.

Study Guides

High School Textbooks

The Mathematics Library in D101 Wells Hall has several high school mathematics textbooks on reserved reading.  These are available at the circulation desk; they check out for two hours and must be used within the library.

Computer Software



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