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DynaMed Mobile Application: Installing the Dynamed Mobile App

Instructions for downloading the DynaMed mobile app


The DynaMed mobile app is available for Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. The EBSCO Support Page has more information about operating system requirements.



Download the DynaMed mobile app for free from the Google Play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vspringboard.dynamed.activity.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Download the DynaMed mobile app for free from the iTunes App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dynamed-by-ebsco/id948906986?ls=1&mt=8.

How to Authenticate

In order to access the DynaMed mobile app you must request an authentication key through the MSU Libraries' subscription to DynaMed.

  1. Access Dynamed from the link above. This works best from a computer, not a mobile device. Login with your MSU Net ID and password if prompted to do so.
  2. Click on the Mobile access link in the top toolbar.
  3. Enter your email address. An authentication key will be emailed to you.
  4. Open the DynaMed email from your device and tap on the authentication key link. Note: This authentication key will expire within 48 hours. After 48 hours you must request a new key.

You will now be authenticated to use the DynaMed mobile app through the MSU Libraries subscription.

Updating Content

When opening the app for the first time you will be asked to start the initial content download. It is recommended that you are on a Wi-Fi connection for this process, as well as installing any future updates. After content is installed the app can be used without a wireless signal.

You will be notified of future updates to DynaMed content by a notification symbol on the Updates button at the bottom of the app. Tap the button to install. You can also choose to Check for Updates.


Skyscape or Omnio Apps

Previous versions of DynaMed mobile used the Skyscape and/or Omni apps to provide access to Dynamed content. If you have used these previously it is not necessary to uninstall these apps to use the new DynaMed app. However, the Skyscape and Omnio apps will no longer be updated with new DynaMed content.

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