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Virtual Note Taking: Additional Information

Information about virtual note taking and annotation. Students with electronic course packs will find this information particularly useful. Last updated: 3/1/18.

App Reviews and More

The following sites provide mobile app reviews, price watches, and more:


App directory useful for updates on the newest iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps, sales, and freebies. A Wish List can be created and users can be sent notifications when there are sales or updates to desired apps.


Reviews and commentary on apps by medical professionals, based on their own experiences using the apps in the hospital or clinical setting.

PC Magazine

Mobile app reviews for iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows, and more. Includes Top 100 categories and ability to filter by price, company, and type.


Accessories can be extremely helpful when taking notes on mobile devices. A stylus can closely replicate the same experience as using a pen and paper, and an external keyboard may be easier to use than the one provided on the device's screen. Below are some reviews of styli and keyboards that may help users determine which one(s) to choose:

iPad Stylus Pen Review: An Updated Comparison of the Best Stylus for the iPad

The Best Stylus for the iPad

The Best iPad Stylus

Five Best Tablet Styli

Top 9 iPad Keyboard Cases Reviewed

5 Great Bluetooth Keyboards for Your Tablet or PC

The Best Keyboards for iPad and Android Tablets

Virtual Note Taking Presentation

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