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Michigan State University

F1000 Workspace

This guide explains how to sign up for, access, and troubleshoot the F1000 Workspace citation manager.

F1000 Workspace: An Introduction

F1000 Workspace allows you to manage citations, save and annotate PDFs, share references, and insert citations into your research. It consists of a web-based application, a browser extension to collect and annotate citations, a lightweight desktop app for importing PDFs, and plugin's for Google Docs and Microsoft Word

F1000 Workspace: Access & Authentication

Signing up for F1000 Workspace:

1. go to

2. Click on the Workspace box on the home page

3. Sign up with your email

4. When you are logged in go to my account > edit profile and make sure that the Institution is listed as Michigan State University

F1000 Workspace: Troubleshooting

1. You are being asked for an EZproxy URL to access full text or when signing up

The MSU Libraries EZproxy URL for F1000 Workspace is:$@


2. You receive a message that your premium access has expired and you need to go to an on-campus computer to re-authenticate

Access your Workspace via this should reset your roaming access.

If this does not work contact F1000 using the chat widget in Workspace and request a roaming access reset.


3. You want to download citations from Web of Science

  1. Perform a search in Web of Science and select all the results you want to download.
  2. Click on the down arrow beside the menu 'save to Endnote Online.'
  3. Change the save option to Save to Other File Formats and click on it
  4. Set the Record Content to ‘Author, Title, Source, Abstract
  5. Set the File Format to BibTeX (.BIB), click Send, and save the file to your computer.

 On F1000Workspace

  1.  Click in the Import references button, select References and then the first option RIS, BIB, NBIB & EndNote XML files
  2. Select the downloaded .BIB file from your computer
  3.  Click Open and it will import into your F1000 Workspace references library

Need help? Email for assistance

Michigan State University