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Financial Literacy for College Students : MSU Financial Literacy Resources

Recommended Financial Literacy Books

This handout lists recommended books to read on personal finance and student loan debt.  To find these books in the MSU Libraries, look under the Personal Finance tab and the Student Loan Debt tab of the guide.

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU)

The MSUFCU provides many tools and resources that can help improve your financial literacy. 

The Financial Library provides articles on auto loans, credit cards, identity theft, and more. 

The Credit Score Information page explains what your credit  score really means.

Financial 4.0 is a resource MSUFCU created for current students and young alumni.  Financial 4.0 includes a blog, videos and additional free resources on financial literacy!

MSUFCU and MSU partnered together to make, an IOS app offering a variety of financial tips and tools.  With this app, you can:

  • Learn how to build good credit
  • Receive budgeting tips
  • Discover ways to minimize fraud
  • Learn how to boost your savings
  • Browse a glossary of financial terms
  • Use financial calculators

MSU Office of Financial Aid

MSU's Office of Financial Aid provides support for students applying for financial aid but they also provide additional financial literacy resources as well.  

Their Money Management page provides budget worksheets, money management tips, and more.

They also provide specialized information for students at different points in their time at MSU and in specific programs.

Their Glossary is filled with terms that you need to know to understand applying for financial aid and dealing with finances.

Financial and academic counseling is also available.

MSU Extension

MSU Extension also has resources on personal finance.  They maintain a resource called MI Money Health.  MI Money Health provides tips on how to get organized financially, steps to solve different money problems, how to get organized and more!

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