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Health Data & Statistics Research Guide: Professional Statistics

Physician Demographics

Interested in a specific specialty? Try looking up the national association for that group or look at state-level work/labor force reports if interested in a specific geographical region.

American Medical Association

Physician characteristics and distribution in the U.S.
Annual publication contains statistical data about physicians including trends, characteristics and distribution.
Call Number: RA410.7 .D48. 

Physician socioeconomic characteristics
Presents information from the AMA socioeconomic monitoring system. This series was published from 1999-2003.
Call Number: R729 .P487.  Latest edition at Main Library reference desk.

Association of American Medical Colleges

AAMC Data Book
The AAMC Data Book is a statistical abstract of U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals with current and historical data on a comprehensive list of topics. The Data Book tables are derived from AAMC reports and databases, as well as from external sources such as the National Institutes of Health, the American Medical Association, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the American Hospital Association.
Call Number: R745 .A25.  Latest edition at Main Library reference desk.

Data and Surveys
This page lists AAMC resources about students and residents, institutional operations, and published reports.  Much of the data is subscription based and therefore not accessible, but some reports are available freely online.  Note the link to the Center for Workforce Studies reports.

Physician Survey's by Third Party Entities

Physician Compensation


Bureau of Labor Statistics

Medscape Physician Compensation Reports

Merrit Hawkins Compensation Surveys

Nurse & Allied Health Professional Statistics

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

AACN Fact Sheets

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Occupational Employment Statistics
Wage estimates for occupations including the major groupings of Healthcare Practicioners and Technical Occupations and Healthcare Support Occupations.

Veterinary Medicine

General Reports

Health Resources and Services Administration

HRSA Data Warehouse
This entry page features recent studies and highlights, such as the National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses (1977-2008), from the HRSA National Center for Health Workforce Analysis.  See the Area Health Resources Files (AHRF) for a list of all reports.

World Health Organization

Health Workforce Statistics
Includes the Global Atlas of the Health Workforce, fact files, and a compendium of statistical sources.

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