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Search Tip Sheet for Times Digital Archive: CONTENT AND FEATURES

This is search tips sheet for use with the Times Digital Archive, the major English newspaper.


There is extensive help information to go with this newspaper.  Clicking on the ? on the advanced search screen should take you to their help manual.  This point-of-use guide, offering the basic features for searching the database, was made for a presentation about the Times Digital to the reference librarians.


World events covered

Sunday edition is a separate database, link above

Does not include contents of Times Literary Supplement.  We offer that as a separate database, here.

Search on, or limit to, categories, that is, types of stories typically found in newspapers: news, reviews, illustrations, obituaries, business news, opinion pieces, letters, advertising, sports news, etc.

Illustrations may be cartoons, drawings, graphs, maps, photographs, or tables

Search by date

Receive results ranked by relevance

Boolean searching

Proximity searching

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