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Medical Board Exam Preparation: Interactive Resources

Resources to help prepare for the USMLE, COMLEX, and medical specialty board exams

Interactive Resources

Board Vitals is an exam preparation and review question bank for MD students (NBME shelf exams), DO students (Comlex level 1), and nursing students (NCLEX-RN). The question bank includes up-to-date explanations and answers from the literature and gives detailed feedback and assessment of users' progress.

You must sign up with your email account to access the Board Vitals question banks. If you are physically present at MSU's East Lansing Campus you can use a account because you will be authenticated using the East Lansing campus IP address.

You will get a confirmation email with a link to activate your subscription. You must click this link to authenticate your account and get access to the free question banks. If you do not you will likely try and sign in and get a notification that you need to pay to access the question banks - which you do not for the NBME Shelf exams, Comlex Level 1, and NCLEX-RN banks which MSU Libraries has subscribed to.

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