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Medieval music

Medieval music sources in the MSU Libraries

A brief selection of subject headings, composers, authors, and recordings is given here, to lead the reader into additional resources. A short list of specific titles is also included to provide examples of the repertoire and textual material available. Note: these are LC Subject Headings, NOT key-word searches.

Music-15th Century
Music-Theory-15th Century

Each of those headings will lead to related topics, and each will cover fairly general material on the period. More specific subject headings include the following; some are divided by time period or geographic location, but most are all-inclusive. Unless otherwise specified, all materials are found under the heading, regardless of format.

Music-[country]-[time period may be used with some but not all]
Gregorian chants
Chants, Byzantine
Chants, Jewish
Masses [covers books, recordings, scores]
Masses, Unaccompanied [recordings, scores]
Polyphonic chansons
Paleography, Musical
Musical instruments
Musical instruments--History
Vocal music-500-1400 [most material is under the main heading, Vocal music]
Instrumental music-500-1400 [most material is under the main heading, Instrumental music]
Performance practice (Music)
Performance practice (Music)-500-1400
Performance practice (Music)-15th Century

Medieval music

The most basic information is found in the following call numbers. Other, more specific works are scattered throughout the call number ranges (see some examples below) ML170 General medieval and renaissance history; ML172 Theory; ML178 Sacred music; ML180 Secular music; ML182 Troubadours, trouveres; ML183 Meistersingers, Minnesingers; ML188 Byzantine; ML189 Arabic.

New Oxford history of music:
Early medieval music up to 1300 ML 160.N44 v.2
Ars Nova and the Renaissance ML 160.N44 v.3

ML 170.M83 1997 Music and instruments of the Middle Ages
ML172.S9 1983 Studies in the performance of late medieval music
MT75.M23 1985 Medieval and renaissance music : a performer's guide
ML174.B26 The intonation formulas of Western chant
ML465.C72 Extant medieval musical instruments.
ML465.M6 The world of medieval and renaissance musical instruments.
ML85.M66 1998 Minstrels and angels : carvings of musicians in medieval English churches

Scores can be found under some series titles; recordings and scores can be found under composers' names or distinctive titles of works. Some examples:
Hildegard, Saint, 1098-1179. Ordu virtutum. M 2000.H55 O7; CD5472 b; Feather on the breath of God, CD66039
Recent resources in the music of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance-40 volumes and continuing to add to the series: M2.R2382. Check the catalog under the call number or series title for a complete list of materials
M1365.T76 Troubadours : medieval music to sing and play
CD8002 Perotin, d.1238? Notre Dame organa.

CD55186 The courts of love : music from the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine
CD8201 Douce dame
CD4490 The medieval experience.
CD80486 Song of songs : come into my garden

Biographies of composers can be found in ML410; search for biographies and autobiographies under the composer's name as a subject. Examples: ML410.A2 Adam de la Halle; ML410.P2952 Perotin.

Chapters in New Grove Dictionary of Music; Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart; entries in RISM (International inventory of musical sources, series B) - all in Music Reference or PRI (Grove is also on-line under Oxford Music Online); databases: RILM Abstracts (online or in paper, begins 1969); Music Index (paper only 1949-1973; online or paper 1973-current)

Medieval music

Musical instruments in art
Christian art and symbolism
Art, Medieval
Architecture, Medieval
Cathedrals [also the names of specific cathedrals: Ely Cathedral; St. Mark's, Venice is under "Basilica di San Marco, Venice, Italy"]

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