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Statistical reports and numeric information about MSU

General Sources

  • MSU State Reporting - FY2014 - Budget and Performance Transparency Reporting
    "Consistent with MSU’s commitment to transparency and in response to the reporting requirements in Section 245 of Public Act 201 of 2012" statistics are provided on financial and operational indicators, and student and academic outcomes.

  • About MSU – MSU Facts
    Broad overview of the university.
  • College Portrait of Undergraduate Education
    This report provides current information about the undergraduate student experience at MSU, including data about the cost of attendance, graduation rates, degree offerings, student engagement with the learning process, and core educational outcomes.
  • National Center for Education Statistics
  • Office of Campus Sustainability
    • Campus Sustainability Report
      Data is reported for 88 indicators over multiple years. Sustainability is defined as the interdependence between the social, environmental and economic components of the campus, and so trends are presented for all three of these areas. This report was published in 2003 and 2007 and is a good starting point for an overview of available university specific data.
      -(11/15/2011) Report taken off of website, please refer to archived versions for 2007 and 2003.
      Also available in print.
  • Office of Planning and Budgets
    The OPB keeps track of institutional historic data. They are a big source for university data.
    • Data Digest
      This report is designed to provide comprehensive quantitative information about MSU. Information is provided on students, faculty and staff, instruction, research, finance, college profiles, and comparisons to other Big Ten institutions. Previous OPB Data Books are available in print.
    • Graduation Rates Survey and Student Athlete Graduation Rates
    • Planning Profile Summary
      Used in the University's planning process to show planning data element percent changes and values for five years for a selected unit or sub-unit. Includes information on faculty and staff, research, students, finances, courses and space.
    • Profile Reports
      Reports on headcounts of entering class and student profiles by semester.
      Headcounts of entering class and student profiles by semester. Includes breakdowns by age, gender, ethnicity, country, Michigan counties, state, and others.  Also available in OPB Cognos BI with the following link:Public Folders >OPB BI > OPB BI Lead >Entering Class Reports
    • Standard Reports
      Reports on academic staff, budget, course capacity, degrees conferred, students, student credit hours by university academic and non-academic units.
      Also available in OPB Cognos BI with the following link:Public Folders > OPB BI > OPB BI Lead >OPB Standard Reports
    • Common Data Set
      A set of standard questions and definitions of institutional data agreed upon in collaborative effort by the higher education community and publishers represented by the College Board, Peterson's and US News & World Report. It includes information on enrollment, expenses, student life, financial aid, class size, and much more. Data is available 2001/02 to current.
  • Office of the Provost
    • Boldness by Design: Strategic Positioning of Michigan State University
      University Measures & Indicators presents two-year comparisons of many different key accountability indicators.
  • Office of the Registrar
    • Enrollment and Term End Reports
      These reports give data on university enrollment including ethnicity, gender, geographic origin, college enrollment, credit hours, GPAs, degrees conferred, and more. Reports are available from 1994 to present. Historical totals for enrollment and degrees conferred are available from founding to present. Reports from previous years are also available in print. Additional data may be available upon request
    • Course Enrollment Report Generator
      Reports on enrollment for courses where enrollment is at less than minimum standards (i.e. not enough students enrolled) and selected capacity courses (full or high enrollment).

Additional and Historical Information

Please note that some online reports do go back multiple years (i.e., enrollment totals) and many older print reports are available in the Main Library from the list above. For additional information you may try contacting departments directly or visiting the University Archives; in particular the Spartan Archive is the digital archives for the electronic records of historical value produced by Michigan State University, including institutional administrative records.

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