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Percussion music: Home

Subject headings

This guide provides some subject headings and call numbers materials relating to percussion music. Use these to explore the catalog or the shelves on your own to begin to discover the resources.

Many terms follow a similar pattern for the Library of Congress subject headings. The main heading may be divided by a subdivision indicating a type or form of music, such as -Score or -Scores and parts. Headings for bibliographic works may also be found; many will have subheadings such as -Bibliographies or -History and criticism. These indicate a book. Recordings will be under the main heading, usually without subdivision.

Drum [many of these are ethnic, nonclassical materials]
DO NOT use heading "Drums" - this is used only for industrial containers!

DO NOT be confused by "Percussion" [used alone, this refers only to the medical terminology. Instead, look for phrases beginning with the word "Percussion"]

Percussion and [instrument name] - most of these are used with the melody instrument first, as in "Flute and percussion music"; there are many such cross-references

Percussion ensembles [used for two or more percussionists playing one or more instruments, or when a percussion ensemble accompanies another instrument, for example,"Concertos (Violin) with percussion ensemble"]

Percussion instruments

Percussion music [used for a single percussionist regardless of number of instruments]

Percussion with [brass ensemble; orchestra; etc.] - [one or more percussionists with accompanying ensemble]

Timpani and piano music [examples of subdivisions for specific instrument]
Timpani music
Timpani-History and criticism
Timpani-Instruction and study
Timpani-Orchestra studies
Sonatas (Timpani)
Concertos (Timpani)
Snare drum
Marimba music
Steel band music

Basic percussion call numbers

M146 Music for any drum (solo player)
M175.X6 Music for xylophone, marimba, vibraphone
M284.P4; M284.X9 Music for piano and timpani; music for piano and xylophone, marimba, etc. in collections
M285.P4; M285.X9 Music for piano and timpani ; music for piano and xylophone, etc., separate works
M298 a catch-all number for any two specified instruments; many works in this call number include percussion
M385; M485, etc., up to M985 - trios, quartets, etc., including percussion
M1038; M1039 -percussion solo with orchestra; percussion solo, acc. arranged for piano
M1138; M1139-percussion solo with string orchestra; percussion solo, acc.arr. piano

ML102.P5-dictionaries, etc. concerning percussion instruments; Music Ref
ML128.P3-bibliographies of percussion instruments and music; Music Ref
ML156.4.P4-discographies of percussion music; Music Ref
ML1030-books about percussion instruments
MT655-percussion techniques, books and exercises; all percussion
MT660-timpani (primarily)
MT662-drum, bass drum, snare, drum set, etc.

Recordings generally use the same subject headings as do scores, but they cannot be browsed by call number.

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