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Piano literature and pedagogy: Home

Focuses on piano pedagogy and piano literature, with general overview of subject headings, call numbers, and search strategies.

Piano music

General principles of using the Library catalog include searching a composer, author, performer, artist, editor, etc. as an "AUTHOR". Titles are generally not searchable unless they are unique. For scores and books, it is often possible to choose a general call number and simply browse the shelves. For recordings, it may be more helpful to search by pianist, by composer and uniform title, or by a subject heading.

M 20-M39.6 Solo piano music. Of special importance: M 22 (general collections by composer); M23 Piano sonatas by one composer.

M 198--M216 Music for more than one pianist; more than one piano

M 217--M285 Music for piano and one melody instrument (does not include arrangements of concertos and other works for large ensemble)
Includes M218-223 Violin and piano; M224-228 Viola and piano; M229-236, Violoncello and piano; M240-244 Flute and piano; M245-247 Oboe and piano; M248-252 Clarinet and piano; M 253-254 Bassoon and piano; M255-259 Horn and piano; M260-261 Trumpet and piano; M262-263, Trombone and piano.

M310-M344 Piano and two other instruments
M410--M449 Piano and three other instruments (four, five, etc.,through M910-999)

M1010 Piano solo with orchestra (full score) - includes concertos and other forms
M1011 Piano solo with piano accompaniment (2-piano score)

M1110-M1111 Piano with string orchestra, full score; Piano w/piano acc. (2-piano score)
M1242 Piano with band (full and reduced scores)

Music for voice and piano may be found between M1495 and M2199. Some of the more frequently used numbers are:
M1503 Vocal scores of operas and musicals (piano reduced from orchestral score)
M1619-M1622 Art songs
M1630.18 Popular music (also useful for piano solos in most instances)
M2000-2023 Masses, oratorios, cantatas (even number = full score; odd number = piano accompaniment, i.e. M2000 Mass, full score; M2003 Mass, piano acc.)
M2146 Hymnals

Piano-related subject headings


Scores and Recordings:
To find books, scores or recordings in the catalog, the following list highlights some of the more common subject headings (NOT keywords) Many will have references to other headings, which can be used to narrow the topic down further. Once a pattern is established, it is generally used for similar types of material. These are especially useful for finding CDs, since the call numbers are not assigned in the same way as score call numbers are done and similar CDs won't sit together. The parentheses are part of the headings although it is not necessary to type them. Comments in brackets [] are explanatory.
Piano music [a very large, broad term]
Sonatas (Piano)
Waltzes (Piano)
Concertos (Piano)
Concertos (Piano), Arranged
Concertos (Piano) with string orchestra
Piano music (Jazz)
Violin and piano music; Flute and piano music [note: the solo instrument is listed first, piano listed last]
Songs (High voice) with piano [medium voice, low voice may be substituted; piano listed last]
Piano trios [for violin, 'cello and piano]
Trios (Piano, bassoon, clarinet)
Piano quartets [for violin, viola, 'cello and piano]
Quartets (Piano, bassoon, clarinet, oboe)

Search for pianists under the individual name; that will provide biographies, discographies, recordings, or any other material on, about or by the pianist.

Piano. [a huge heading, over 5,000 entries, but some materials, especially books, are to be found only under this heading. Subdividing according to examples below may help]
Piano-Instruction and study [methods, technique and theoretical works, primarily books]
Piano-Studies and exercises [exercises, scales, etc. in score form]
Piano-Methods-Group instruction
Pianists. [for books on more than one pianist; may be subdivided by country or region, eg Pianists-United States]

Musicians-Health and hygiene.
Musicians-Wounds and injuries. [these two categories stress physiology, psychology, prevention, therapies, etc. for musicians]



ML 128.P3 Bibliographies of piano, piano music - in Music Reference (noncirculating)
ML 132.P3 Graded lists of piano music - in Music Reference (noncirculating)
ML 134 Composers' bibliographies and/or thematic catalogs, arranged alphabetically by composer; Music Reference (noncirculating)

ML 410 Composers' biographies, alphabetical by individual composer. A pianist who is also a composer will generally be filed with composers.
ML 417 Pianists' biographies, alphabetical by individual pianist.
ML650-697 Works about the history of the instrument, construction, etc.
ML700-747 Works about piano music, historical trends, forms, etc.

MT 140-145 Analysis of chamber and solo instrumental music (not separated by instrument)
MT 220-258 Piano technique - books on how to play piano, methods; scores of technical exercises and studies

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