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Psychology Journals

A guide to finding and evaluating journals in psychology.

Psychology Journals

MSU Libraries subscribe to thousands of journals. Use the Library Catalog to search for the title of the journal you need. All directly accessible electronic journal subscriptions are listed in the Catalog.

Listings in the catalog include detailed information about the years covered by our subscription. There are still a few journals that are not available in online format, so the catalog offers the most complete journal search.  

If you do need a Printed journal: Current issues of printed journals are usually in the Periodical Room on 2 West, but older, bound issues will be in the stacks by call number. Journals do not circulate until they are at least 10 years old, if the journal you need is not on the shelf, check the reshelving areas, especially those near the copy center. 

Distance students should look over the Off Campus Services FAQ or contact Interlibrary Services for access to printed materials.

Electronic Journals

NOTE:  The following are listed for your information, but their open access contents should also already be in our catalog.

  • PSYCLine Links to Psychological Journals maintained by Armin Günther

A cautionary list: Beall's List of Predatory, Open-Access Publishers details publishers who are largely vanity presses for articles, often with author fees as a money making scheme.


General Journal Indexes

These are sources of individual articles that allow searching by subject.   The major index for psychology subjects is:


Other sources popular because the text of the article is often included in the index:

  • Lexis/Nexis offers full text for most of its databases. It includes newspapers, magazines, and journals, though the emphasis is on business, law, medicine, politics and government.
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