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Exhibit Introduction

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of “punk,” which could be said to have “officially” begun with the release of the first Ramones record in April of 1976. Punk was a youth subculture that embraced a back-to-basics, do-it-yourself attitude in rock music and in general, rejecting the excesses of late 1970s  mainstream rock and roll and mainstream culture. In its various expressions, it was anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian and anti-racist. It’s sound was fast, loud, energetic and accessible. The idea was that anyone (even you!) could start a band and a revolution, and do it now.


This exhibit, on 4 West of the Main Library, follows the development of punk (pre and post), its antecedents, its cultural contexts, and its aftermath through a demonstration of some of the possibilities for research using materials available through the MSU Libraries.

Special thanks to Shelby Kroske for her graphics.

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Selected Bibliography

Use this bibliography to get started in punk research. Most items are in the Library catalog, and many are used in the exhibit on 4W (in front of the Fine Arts library).

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