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RCAH 292B - Jackson - Fall 2015: Sources from Nov 11 session


These are the items I brought to class on November 11, in case you didn't get the title of something you want to use again.

Black Feminism & Womanism

HQ1421.N3 - National Black Feminist Organization statement of purpose


HQ1402.N3 v.1, no.3 - National Black Feminist Organization newsletter


HQ1403.C66 1975 - Black women’s united front, Congress of Afrikan People on the woman question


HQ1426.J67 - Common differences: conflicts in black & white feminist perspectives


HQ1426.C633 1986 - The Combahee River Collective Statement


HQ1410.V53 1971 - Chicanas speak out


HQ1410.L4 - The woman movement and the Negro movement


E185.86 .H29 1970 - Interrelationship of the Black struggle and the woman question

College student voices, especially at MSU

Black student newspapers at MSU:

LH1.M53 S64 - Speak

LH1.M53 L4 - Legacy

LH1.M53 P4 - People’s choice

LH1.M53 G7 (Oversize) - Grapevine Journal


Black student activism at Michigan State University, September 1967 to June 30, 1972: the University’s response. Eric von Arthur Winston. 1973. LD3245.M365 W5 1973.


LC2781.L68 1967 - Towards a black university (national perspective, not MSU)

Parenting & education for African American children

LC2771.K33 1991 - A black parent’s handbook to educating your children outside the classroom


E185.86 .D384 1987 - The black family


HQ768.B55 - Black child (magazine)


LC2803.N3 M3 1967 - The Newark Community School


LC2781.S746 1965 - Freedom School notes


E186.86 .C58215 1994 - Television’s imageable influences: the self-perceptions of young African Americans


PS615.A43 - Afrikan Free School Inc. Reflections of the sun. (picture book)


E185.86 .G358 1993 - African American males’ perceptions of racial discrimination


E185.86 .G36 1990 - The status of African American males: a background paper


E185.86 .H374 1985 - Bringing the black boy to manhood: the passage


LC2771.K86 1985 (3 vol) - Countering the conspiracy to destroy black boys



LC3516.E86 L54 1987 - School provision for gypsy and traveller children

LC2688.L46 L465 1985 - The Lemon Grove incident (segregation of Mexican American children)

Assorted topics

E185.J62. School history of the Negro race in America from 1619 to 1890, with a short introduction as to the origin of the race; also a short sketch of Liberia, revised edition. Edward A. Johnson. Chicago: Conkey, 1893.


Black Panther (newspaper) - Oversize E185.5 B5


Robert Coles Papers (MSS 323) - files related to Ruby Bridges

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