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Spectra & Spectral Data: General Resources

Page Coordinator: Judy Matthews Last updated: 02-23-2009

General Resources

SciFinder Scholar 
World's largest collection of biochemical, chemical, chemical engineering, medical, and other related information

Atlas of spectral data and physical constants for organic compounds
2nd ed. Cleveland: CRC Press, c1975
Tabular condensation of spectral data from numerous published collections. Vol.1 contains name/synonym directory, structures, and spectroscopic aids; Vols 2-4 contain data tables; Vols. 5-6 have indexes of molecular weight, physical constants, WLNs, mass spectra, Raman etc.
Main Library QD291 .C18 1975

Dictionary of spectroscopy. R.C. Denney 2nd ed. New York : Wiley, c1982
Definitions of frequently-used terms. 
Main Library Reference QC450.3 .D46 1982

Handbook of Spectroscopy Cleveland : CRC Press, 1974.
Tables of data and references of available data in various fields of spectroscopy. Each volume is indexed separately. 
Main Library Reference QD95 .H27 V. 1-2

NIST Chemistry Webbook
IR spectra for over 7500 compounds, Mass spectra for over 10,000 compounds, UV/Vis spectra for over 400 compounds, Electronic and vibrational spectra for over 3000 compounds.

Sigma-Aldrich On-line Product Catalog
FT-NMR, FT-IR, and FT-Raman IR are available for many products. 

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (SDBS)
A free site organized by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan. 

USGS Digital Spectral Libraries
The UV to mid-infrared 0.2-150 micron library (splib06) contains over 1300 spectra including mid-infrared data as well as spectra from splib05a and additional visible and near-infrared spectra. Includes many minerals, organic and volatile compounds, vegetation, and man-made materials. The database is over 6,000 web pages, figures, sample images and data listings.

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