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STAT!Ref Mobile App: Home

Installation guide for the STAT!Ref mobile application


The STAT!Ref mobile app is now available for Android, Blackberry or  iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.


iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Download the STAT!Ref Mobile App for free from the iTunes App Store at!ref/id474559171?mt=8


Please note that Blackberry OS 5 or later is required.  Download the STAT!Ref Mobile App for free at


STAT!Ref Mobile App for Android can be downloaded for free at

You may also download the free app from the Android Market or the Amazon Appstore.

How to Authenticate

In order to use the STAT!Ref Mobile App you must have a personal username and password through STAT!Ref.  This will allow you to access content through the MSU Library's subscription.  To create a username and password:

1) From your computer (not a mobile device) access STAT!Ref and select Your Preferences at the top of the page.

2) Enter your email address and choose to create a new Preferences account.

3) Enter your name, state, phone number, email address, and a password of your choosing.  Select OK.

4) Select the Temporary Login Account tab.  Click on the Activate/Renew icon.

Activating the Temporary Login Account will give you the ability to login to the MSU Library subscription on a mobile device using the same username and password as used for Your Preferences.

The Temporary Login Account must be renewed after 180 days to continue access on your mobile device.  To renew, follow the same instructions used for authentication.

Accessing Content on a Mobile Device

To access content on a mobile device, open the STAT!Ref app on the device.  Login using the username and password for your STAT!Ref Preferences account.

Authentication Renewal

Authentication for the STAT!Ref mobile application must be renewed after 180 days.  To renew, follow the instructions listed under How to Authenticate.

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