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In-depth guide to policy information sources

About this guide


Migrant Mother by Dorthea Lange

Social policies affect all of our lives.
"Migrant Mother" by Dorthea Lange
Image from the Library of Congress

This guide is for students in the social work policy sequence classes, or for anyone  researching social policy issues. It is an in-depth guide covering a wide range of available resources.

How to use this research guide:

  • Navigate using the linked tabs across the top to get to the content pages
  • Start with the "Top Picks" on each page. Provides an overview of the key resources your librarian recommends.
  • Continue through additional resources as needed.
  • A more complete list of available resources is there for those that need it.

This guide is intended to introduce you to the range of resources available for conducting research on social policies.  Initially, the wide scope of information available to you may be overwhelming.  Keep in mind that research is an iterative process, it will build on itself and is often better accomplished in multiple small steps rather than all at once.  As you read a source, it may point you in a new direction either by identifying a related concept to search on or by following up on a reference in a bibliography.  I cannot possibly be comprehensive in listing all available resources, but this  guide is a good place to start. 

If you need assistance:

Please contact me if you have questions about using any of our library resources or are just having difficulty finding information on your topic.  I do not have office hours, but we can schedule an appointment (phone or in-person) or work over email.  For immediate assistance you are also welcome to use our general Ask A Librarian reference services.

If you experience technical difficulties accessing our e-resources, please contact the Distance Learning Services 24/7 Support Line at 1-800-500-1554.

Good luck and happy reading!

Carin Graves
Social Work Librarian





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