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Violins, violinists, violin music: Home

Basic call numbers and subject headings for violin music, violinists and technical aspects of violins are given here.

Subject headings


Using Library of Congress subject headings in the MSU Libraries catalog ( will lead to violin solo and ensemble music, as well as to violin music contained in sets and monuments (which have different call numbers) and to recordings.  Note: this is not a keyword search but an actual search of assigned subject headings.  In each catalog record, one or more subject headings are provided; these can be used to search similar materials.  Many headings also include references to other headings, which may be more general or more specific.  These basic headings also are used to search for recordings.

Most commonly used subject headings:

Violin music      [for solo violin]

Violin and piano music       [for music for violin and piano NOT in a specific form]

Sonatas (Violin)    [for music in this specific form; can lead to solo works or search by accompaniment, as below)

Sonatas (Violin and piano)

Sonatas (Violin and harpsichord)

Concertos (Violin)             [for solo with full accompaniment]

Concertos (Violin)—Solo with piano       [for solo with accompaniment reduced for piano]

Canons, fugues, etc. (Violin)

Violin with orchestra   [for solo with full accompaniment not in concerto form]

Violin with orchestra - Solo with piano [for solo with piano accompaniment]

MT260-279   Instructional material; methods; studies

    MT265= Etudes, studies

    MT266= Orchestral studies



Most books are circulating, with the exception of those marked “Music Reference”.

Basic call number ranges for books about violins, violin music, violinists are:

ML 102.V45  Dictionaries of violin and keyboard music  (Music Reference)

ML 128.V4    Bibliographies of violin-related material (Music Reference)

ML  132.V4   Lists of works (Music Reference)

ML 398--       Biographies of more than one string player and/or more than one string quartet or other ensemble

ML418--         Biographies of individual string players; third line of call number is for the individual by or about whom the autobiography/biography is written

ML421--         Performing ensembles [includes individual titles representing any genre such as a specific rock group, choir, string quartet, orchestra, etc.; third line represents the ensemble name]

ML 800-846  Violin construction, makers, history of the instrument, bows, varnishes

Biographies of individuals who are both composers and violinists will generally be found within the call number for composers:  ML 410--, with the third line representing the individual’s name.

Other sources of information: biographical and general music dictionaries such as Bakers, New Grove (in print or on-line under “Oxford Music Online”), MGG, dictionaries of instruments, such as New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments).

Call Numbers


Violin solo and ensemble music can be found under the following general call numbers.  It is possible to search the online catalog using these numbers or to go directly to the shelves.

M 40-44 Solo violin music

M217-233   Violin with piano [keyboard instrument]   (M219= Sonatas)

M286-287   Violin and one other stringed instrument

M290-291   One string/one wind instrument

M294-295   One string/one plectral instrument (guitar, harp, etc.)

M310-314   Piano and two stringed instruments

M320-324   Piano, one string, one wind

M330-334   Piano, one string, one plectral

M349-353   String trios

M360-364   String-wind trios

M370-374   String-plectral trios

M380-384   String-wind-plectral trios

By changing the first number of these combinations, music for up to 9 instruments (including one or more stringed instruments) can be found.  For example, M449-454 represents string quartets (the majority of them are in the M451 and M452 call numbers); M520-524 represents piano plus four string and wind instruments. 

The following call numbers apply to concertos and other large-scale solo works with orchestra, string orchestra, or band. 

M 1012-1013   Violin solo with full orchestra; violin solo with piano reduction

M1112-1113    Violin solo with string orchestra; violin solo with piano reduction

M1205-1206     Solo instrument with band; solo instrument with piano reduction (these numbers apply to all solo instruments with band)



Specific string journals:

American string teacher

American Suzuki journal


Violin Society of America

General journals with occasional articles on strings:

The Instrumentalist

Das Orchester

Symphony magazine

Search databases such as Music Index and RILM Abstracts (both online) for references to periodical literature, book chapters, reviews, from about 1969 to the present. For older references, search the paper volumes of Music Index from 1949 to 1970 (located in the Music Reference area

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