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VM 150: Hospital Procedures & Communication

Information and resources for students in VM 150: Hospital Procedures & Communication. Last updated: 8/13/18.


Slides from the presentations on Finding & Using Scientific Literature:


Activity #1: Building Your Search Strategy

Sample search questions for Activity #1: Developing Your Search Strategy:

  1. What is the latest information regarding the use of Tamiflu for the treatment of parovirus in dogs?
  2. Is there a risk of causing glaucoma if atropine is used topically in the eye for severe corneal ulcer and cataract in cats?
  3. Is robenacoxib superior to meloxicam in improving patient comfort in dogs diagnosed with a degenerative joint disease?
  4. In small animal surgery are alcoholic hand rubs superior to scrubbing brushes and antimicrobial soap at reducing bacterial counts?
  5. Is alpha-casozepine successful at reducing anxiety in dogs?

Activity #2: Searching With A Purpose

Choose from the resources listed below to complete Activity #2: Searching With A Purpose:

Search #1: Choose from one of the following databases:

Search #2: Use the same database from Search #1. If you got fewer than 200 results in your first search, try to broaden your search to include more results. If you got more than 200 results, try to narrow your search.

Search #3: Choose a resource from the options below to search. If choosing PubMed, CAB Abstracts, or VetMed Resource use a different one than you used in Searches #1 and #2.

Activity #3: Identifying Credible Websites

Working with a partner, you will be assigned one of the websites below to evaluate for Activity #3: Identfying Credible Websites:

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