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Building a Website with Wordpress: Home

This guide walks you through how to build a website using WordPress. It covers web hosting, installing WordPress, installing themes and plugins, and using the in-browser editor to adjust the theme (header image, colors, fonts, etc.).

Getting Started

This guide is designed to help you build a WordPress website. There are sections for:

This guide is meant to supplement a workshop or other in-person instruction. If you'd like to schedule a workshop or instruction session for your class, please get in touch!

What is WordPress? Why use it?

WordPress is an open-source program to help people build websites. It's what's called a Content Management System, or CMS. There are two or three benefits to using a CMS for building your website:

  • Many of them allow non-coders or beginning coders to build a website
  • The CMS thinks about your website as pieces it assembles on-the-fly, so you only have to set up your header and your menu once and it applies across your whole site
  • You can get a lot of attractive styles and special features out of the box, without having to build them yourself

If you want to build a website and be able to maintain it, but you're relatively new to web development, WordPress is a great solution.

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