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WRA 1004: Preparation for College Writing

Resources for First Year Writing students enrolled in WRA 1004

Get help in your Neighborhood from a Peer Research Assistant!

Peer Research Assistants staff four of the neighborhood Engagement Centers. You can schedule an appointment, or get help on a walk-in basis.

Schedule an Appointment

(Will redirect the MSU Writing Center. Choose Brody, Holden, Hubbard or McDonel from the schedule list, then look for the Peer Research Assistant to find available appointments)

Peer Research Assistants can...

  • Help you find information for your research papers
  • Help you find different kinds of materials, like articles, books, or whatever else you need
  • Answer questions about the library
  • Get you connected to the library services that will help you most

...and more!

Frequently Asked Library Questions

1. Where is the library?

Main Library

366 W. Circle Dr.

(north of the stadium, south of Beaumont Tower)

Business Library

College of Law Building

648 N. Shaw Lane, Room 50

(on Shaw, under Law)

2. How do I print?

3. How do I check out books?

Please also see the How to Find: Books page on this guide

4. How do I get help?

Michigan State University