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HDFS 864: Foundations of Youth Development: Home

Library orientation guide for the GP-IDEA online Youth Development Masters program in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies.

About this guide

Welcome to the library orientation website for the online Youth Development masters program! 

This orientation is designed for students in the Foundations of Youth Development course and is also available to students as a reference throughout your time in the program. 

Students currently taking Foundations of Youth Development should follow all of the tabs in numerical order to complete the orientation.

Hello from the Librarian (and more about this guide)

Hello! My name is Carin Graves and I am a subject specialist librarian here at Michigan State University.

This guide was created in order to provide you with an introduction to library services, teach you how to search, and offer guidance for where to search

Learning search strategies and advanced search methods will provide you with the tools to make effective use of online resources. Knowing where to search involves moving beyond Google (including Google Scholary) and understanding the range of online resources available to you from the library. Becoming a skilled and efficient researcher will serve you well as both a student and as a professional.

Although a lot of ground is covered in this research guide, I can't possibly cover everything there is to know about using the library and I can't anticipate all of your questions. The library offers a huge array of resources and it is easy to feel overwhelmed at first. Don't worry, with time and repetition you will learn the system.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact me by phone (517-884-0854, 

You should know that each academic subject is assigned a librarian with expertise using resources in that area. As the topics covered in the Department of Human Development & Family Studies are interdisciplinary, you may want to consider contacting subject specialists in other areas like Psychology or Education (Jill Morningstar)

Another option for getting in touch with a librarian is to use the Ask A Librarian service. This service allows you to contact our Main Library Reference desk by phone, email, or online chat. Chat services are available 24/7.

If you have problems accessing ANGEL, D2L, or any other online resource from the library, call our 24/7 Computer Support Line (Distance Learning Services) for assistance.

Subject Specialist Librarian

Carin Graves

Email Me

Librarian for Sociology, Social Work, and Human Development and Family Studies

Phone: 517-884-0854

  • Call MSU: (517) 355-1855
  • Visit:
  • MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer.
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