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EC 499: Senior Seminar Econ Majors: Evaluating Information

Prabhat Barnwal / Fall 2019

Class Presentation

Criteria for Evaluating Information

  • Authority - Who wrote it?
  • Objectivity - Any possible biases?
  • Quality - How well is it written?
  • Coverage - Is it relevant and corroborate other resources?
  • Currency - Is it current?
  • Relevance - Does it match your research needs?

Evaluating Information

Evaluating Information Online

Quick video on how to critically examine information online.

Direct link to "Evaluating Information Online" in MSU Mediaspace

Video credit: Emilia Marcyk

Searching With A Purpose

Video tutorial to help with your research focus and getting started with searching.

Direct link to "Searching with a Purpose" in MSU MediaSpace

Video credit: Megan Kudzia

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