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Defoe and the Plague in London 1664-1665: Exhibit Bibliography

Guide accompanies a small book exhibit in the Lobby of the Main Library.

Exhibit Bibliography

Plague Exhibit Bibliography

Primary Sources

Boccaccio, Giovanni.  Decameron, Containing an Hundred Pleasant Novels, Wittily Discoursed, between Seven  Honourable Ladies and Three Noble Gentlemen.  London, Printed by Isaac Iaggard, 1620.
MHSPC Rare xx PQ 4272 .E5 A3 1620

City of London (England). Court of Aldermen.  Orders Conceived and Published by the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London, Concerning the Infection of the Plague.  [London], printed by James Flesher..., [1665].
Online in EEBO and Microforms

Defoe, Daniel.  Due Preparations for the Plague, as Well for Soul as for Body.  Being Some Seasonable Thoughts upon the Visible Approach of the Present Dreadful Contagion in France; the Properest Measures to Prevent It, and the Great Work of Submitting to It.  London, E. Matthews, 1722
MHSPC Rare xx PR 3404 .D9 1722

Defoe, Daniel.  Journal of the Plague Year, Being Observations of Memorials, of the Most Remarkable Occurrences, as Well Publick as Private, which Happened in London during the Last Great Visitation in 1665, Written by a Citizen who Continued All the While in London. Never Made Public Before.  London, Printed for E. Nutt, J. Roberts, A. Dodd, and J. Graves, 1722.  
MHSPC Rare xx PR 3404 .J4 1722

Defoe, Daniel.  Letters of Daniel Defoe.  Edited by George Harris Healey.  Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1955
Microforms Remote 6407 r.583

Dekker, Thomas.  Plague Pamphlets of Thomas Dekker. Edited by F.P. Wilson.  Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1925
Main PR 2243 .P5 1925

England and Wales. Sovereign. Elizabeth I, Queen of England.  Orders, Thought Meete by her Majestie, and her Privy Council to be Executed throughout the Counties of this Realm, in Such Townes, Villages, and Other Places, as are, or May be Hereafter Infected with the Plague....  London, by Christopher Barker, printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majestie, [1578]
Online in EEBO, Microforms.  The famous Plague Orders of the Privy Council.

Graunt, John.  London's Dreadful Visitation, or, a Collection of All the Bills of Mortality for this Present Year beginning from 20th of December, 1664  and Ending the 19th of December Following, as also the General or Whole Year's Bill, According to the Report Made to the King's Most Excellent Majesty by the Company of Parish Clerks of London.  London, Printed and sold by E. Cotes..., 1665.
Microforms and online EEBO

Meade, Richard.  Short Discourse Concerning Pestiliential Contagion, and the Methods to be Used to Prevent It.  London, Printed for Sam. Buckley and Ralph Smith, 1720.
Microforms and Online.  There is also a 1722 ed.

Pepys, Samuel.  Diary of Samuel Pepys.  London, G. Bell, 1893-1899.
MHSPC Rare  DA 447 .P4 A4 1893 v. 4-5

Vincent, Thomas.  God's Terrible Voice in the City: Wherein You Have I. the Sound of the Voice in the Narration of the two Late Dreadful Judgements of Plague and Fire, Inflicted by the Lord upon the City of London, the Former in the Year 1665.  The Latter in the Year 1666. 1. Of the Cause of These Judgements, Where You Have a Catalogue of London's Sins.  2. Of the Design of These Judgments, Where You Have an Enumeration of the Duties God Calls for by This Terrible Voice.  London: s.n., Printed in the Year 1667.
Microforms and online EEBO

Secondary Sources

Backscheider, Paula.  Daniel Defoe, His Life.  Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, c1989.  Main PR 3406 .B24 1989

Backscheider, Paula.  "Daniel Defoe."  In Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online. Accessed July 28, 2020.

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Bertrand, Jean-Baptiste.  Historical Relation of the Plague at Marseilles in the Year 1720.  Farnborough, England, Gregg International, 1973.
Main RC 178 .F9 M213 1973

Biraben, Jean-Noel.  "Certain Demographic Characteristics of the Plague Epidemic in France, 1720-1722." in Population and Social Change.  Edited by D.V. Glass and Roger Revelle.  London, Edward Arnold, 1972, pp. 233-241.
Remote Storage HB 871 .P65 1972

Biraben, Jean-Noel.  Hommes et la Peste en France et dans les Pays Europeens et Mediterraneens, Vol. 1, la Peste dans l'Histoire.  Paris, Mouton, 1975
Remote Storage RC 178 .F9 B5 t. 1

Boghurst, William.  Loimographia, an Account of the Great Plague of London in the Year 1665, Now First Printed from the British Museum Sloane MS 349, for the Epidemiological Society of London.  Edited by Joseph Frank Payne.  London, Shaw, 1894.  Written, but not published that we know of, [1666]
HathiTrust online

Carey, Mathew.  Short Account of the Malignant Fever, Lately Prevalent in Philadelphia, with a Statement of the Proceedings that Took Place on the Subject in Different Parts of the United States, to which are Added Accounts of the Plague in London and Marseilles and a List of the Dead from August 1 to the Middle of December, 1793.  Philadelphia, Printed by the Author, January 16, 1794.  [We have several editions of this in microform and online]
Microforms 1 Microprint 1st series no. 26735-26737
Online in ECCO and HT

"Daniel Defoe."  In Wikipedia.  Accessed July 28, 2020.

Encyclopedia of Plague and Pestilence, from Ancient Times to the  Present.  Edited by George Childs Kohn.  NY, Facts on File, c2001.
Main RA 649 .E53 2001

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Main RC 172 .H5

Hodges, Nathaniel.  Loimologia, or an Historical Account of the Plague in London in 1665, with Precautionary Directions against the Like Contagion.  To which is Added an Essay on the Different Causes of Pestiliential Diseases by John Quincy, MD.  London, printed by E. Bell and J. Osborn, 1720.
Microform and online in ECCO.  [original ed. is 1672, in Latin, we have that too.]

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Main RA 649 .L68 2018

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Main RA 649 .M373 2016

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Main RC 178 .G7 P52

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Main RC 171 .R35 1985.

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Oversize 3 West DA 677 .T56 1991

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Remote Storage RA 651 .W5 1980


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