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Michigan State University

IAH 208-009: Music, Society, and the State in Latin America and the Caribbean: Finding Streaming Video

Prof. Christopher Estrada, Spring 2021

Finding Streaming Video in the MSU Libraries Catalog

MSU Libraries provide access to many purchased or leased streaming videos that are not freely available on the internet. There are records for streaming videos in the library catalog just like there are for books, DVDs and other materials.

Lots of different materials types can be retrieved in a single catalog search, but to limit your search only to streaming video, follow these steps before submitting your search terms:

Go to the Advanced Keyword Search screen

Change the default "Collection" from "Entire Catalog" to "Electronic Resources"

 For "Material Type" choose "Video/Visual"

NOTE: When you change your search terms, check again to be sure that the limits you set have not reverted back to the defaults. You may again need to follow the steps above.







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